Fall Fashion Trends: 7 Hot Styles to Watch for in 2019

Summer is in full swing but the biggest movers in the fashion industry are already laying the foundation of what’s to come for Fall. Obviously, you want to dress in the latest fashions but you don’t want to go out and copy what everyone is already doing.

You can probably already picture yourself sipping a seasonal beverage in some Don’t wait until October to run out and buy one of those amazing capes that you’ve already seen ten people wear.

The truth is that if you want to sport the most stylish Fall fashion trends you have to be head of the game. This means staying ahead of the curve by reading what the top fashionistas are saying.

Fall Fashion Trends: 7 Hot Styles to Watch for in 2019

Fall Fashion Trends

The fall is truly a time of change. The days become shorter and you can begin to feel a cold breeze from time to time. As the temperatures drop, the leaves begin to turn and depending on where you live, you could be in for an amazing treat.

With these changes in seasons comes a change in the vogue. It’s no longer about showing off the summer body but more about cold weather outfits and fashionable dresses. This means it’s a great opportunity to put together some truly memorable combinations.

You’ll certainly look cozy and smart drinking your pumpkin spice latte or perhaps even some mulled wine. You may be thinking you can’t afford a new wardrobe. Remember, with bad credit loans, monthly payments can help you consolidate debt so you can spend on what really matters… more clothes!

Top Fashion Trends 2019

You’ve must have noticed by now that retro is in. The ’80s and the ’90s are the decades that most heavily influenced today’s top fashion trends. Big white sneakers and biker shorts are making a comeback.

Fortunately, that particular look will probably be out by the time Fall comes around.

Here are a few of the looks and concepts that you should at least be aware of in time for the season. Ideally, you can beat the crowds and have a couple of fall outfits ready to go.

  1. Comfortable and Cozy

When it gets chilly out, what’s better than staying in bed all day? Obviously nothing. Don’t you sometimes wish you could take your bed with you everywhere?

Now you can.

Well, sort of. Many designers in 2019 are using materials and styles that could probably pass as blankets and down comforters. You can see a lot of clothing that feature quilts, patchworks, and other padded fabrics that are sure to look cute and keep you feeling warm.

  1. Lots of Leather

Leather is taking over and not in a nonchalant way. We’re not just talking about sporting a leather jacket or a purse. You expect to see the top fashionistas wearing skins from their heads down to their feet.

You can get colorful here. Leather with popular colors like purple will be turning heads this fall.

  1. Look Super in a Cape

This may be one piece of fashion that will be the perfect finish to your cold-weather outfits.

A brown or beige colored long cape looks regal and gives off that outdoorsy yet posh Autumn vibe that can be so hard to create.

  1. Get your Goth On

This particular trend goes in an entirely different direction than other fashions mentioned here. Forget about color and cutesy add-ons.

This Fall, the goth look will be a go-to for fashionistas worldwide. The good thing is, you won’t be limited to baggy JNCO jeans and chains (unless you want to be, of course). There are plenty of subtypes within this genre of fashion.

Cop the sporty goth look with lots of black Adidas with just of touch of white. A sharp black suit (maybe with white pinstripes) is a powerful look that will have you looking fierce at work or on the prowl.

  1. Nice in Neon

Just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean you have to wear drab colors. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Even if you tend to use darker colors consider having at least a few outfits with bright neon colors. Purple, pink, yellow, and light green can really make your look pop.

Get some neon-colored leather and you’ll be doubly shining.

  1. Microbags: Totally Useless yet Completely Necessary

These ‘baby bags’ are really hitting the scene in a big way. You may have noticed these on celebs or fashion models on the runway. They are so little you won’t be able to fit anything much bigger than a case of AirPods.

Despite being rather impractical, their popularity is spreading like wildfire. The ultimate posh accessory there is just something irresistible about their charm.

There are many options to choose from. Get yours before everyone else catches on.

  1. Elegant and Earthy

If you don’t feel like wearing bright colors but the goth look isn’t your thing either, don’t sweat it. There are may earthy tones that will give you a very distinguished look. Consider different shades of brown such as sienna and ochre.

This type of color works perfectly with the previously mentioned capes. Also, earthy tones can include natural-looking colors like dark moss and mint.

Just add a touch of flair to avoid looking like a park ranger.

Be the Pumpkin Spice to Your Latte

It can be hard to know what to wear. Just about everyone goes through this at some point. Although predicting the Fall fashion trends in an inexact science, if you wait until it’s too late you’ll have no chance of truly being seen as a trendsetter.

The top movers in the industry are already deciding the top fashion trends for the coming months. However, that doesn’t mean everything is set in stone. Fashion is all about innovation and real designers and artists can get inspiration at any moment.

Stay up to date in the world of style and glamour by reading our continually updating blogs.

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