5 Tips to Avoid Contact Lens Discomfort

The quality and comfort of contact lenses has evolved since its inception but even then there are times that wearing them can cause discomfort. Some common causes are old or poorly-fitting lenses, dry eyes, torn lenses or debris in the lenses. In order for contact lenses to work the way they are supposed to it is vital to care, maintain and replace them at the right time. Some of the symptoms of the discomfort that may occur are stinging or burning sensation in the eyes. Discomfort when the lens is placed on the eye. Reduced or blurry vision, dryness etc. Here are some tips to avoid contact lens discomfort.

5 Tips to Avoid Contact Lens Discomfort

New  to contact lenses?

Nowadays wearing or buying contact lenses online is also a cosmetic choice. Coloured lenses like Solotica Hidrocor mel are very popular with wearers who wanted lighter coloured eyes. If you are relatively new to wearing contact lenses your body will take some time to adjust to the foreign body being placed on your cornea. Wearing lenses all day with no previous experience can cause a certain amount of discomfort. So, if you are new to wearing lenses ease your eyes into this new experience by limiting the time you wear them for in the first few days. For example on the first two days, wear them for about four hours and then gradually increase it to six to eight days and then longer.

Wash your hands

Our eyes are one of the most sensitive and delicate parts of our body and hence they must be cared for in such a way. Always wash your hands before handling your contact lenses or touching your eyes. This prevents dirt and germs from entering your eye and causing discomfort or irritation.

Make sure to also trim your fingernails so that you don’t accidentally scratch your eyes or your lenses.

Better Fit

Your ophthalmologist should conduct a thorough eye examination to evaluate the unique shape of your eye and based on that and your power and recommend the right contact lens for you. Most contact lenses like Solotica Hidrocor lenses are designed to cover the entire cornea. Various measurements are taken to ensure that your contact lenses are the perfect fit but sometimes they may not fit your eyes properly. Ill-fitting contact lenses are a common cause of discomfort and can be rectified by getting your eyes re-examined to get you better fitting lenses.

Dry Eyes

Another common type of discomfort associated with wearing contact lenses is dry eyes.  ‘Dry eyes’ is a condition which can be inherent or acquired due to factors such as smoking, long hours on the computer, caffeine and other factors. In such cases the eye may not produce enough tears to keep the eyes moist and lubricated resulting in discomfort when wearing lenses. You can consult your doctor and ask him to prescribe lubricating eye drops that are compatible with your contact lenses.


Sometimes allergens in the environment such as dust or pollen can cause the eyes to become irritated. These allergens can stick to the surface of the lens causing the wearer a lot of irritation. You might notice redness in the eyes, irritation and dryness. It is important to clean your lens everyday to remove any allergen build-up. Make sure to rinse them and change the solution and keep them in the case. Ensure that the case is cleaned everyday as well. If the allergies are seasonal , make sure you remove your contact lenses before using any eye drops. If the problem persists you might want to consider switching to daily disposable lenses.

Sometimes a persisting sensation of discomfort could be due to a medical condition, in that it is always better to consult your ophthalmologist.

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