Five Hairstyles You Can Try for your Wedding Day

Any woman that has gone through a wedding will tell you. While the dress is the quintessential part of the wedding outfit, the hairstyle is probably the second most important thing. Your wedding hairstyle can make it or break your look on your big day. Now, some brides go as far hiring a hairdresser to stay on site to change their hairstyle during the day. One hairstyle for the ceremony, and another for the reception. Some brides change their hairstyle on their own.

Five Hairstyles You Can Try for your Wedding Daysource

What you need to remember about your wedding hairstyle is that your hairstyle should not look like one from a magazine. Remember, half of the wedding dresses and hairstyles found in magazines are just that, hairstyles for a magazine. Half of them are impossible to wear on your big day. They just show a trend in hairstyling. Those hairstyles from a fashion show? Forget them. The aerodynamic and acrobatic styling is not something you want as you walk down the aisle.

Whether you wear your hair up or down depends on whether you want a tiara, flower, veil, or something else. The thing is, most brides have no idea what to do with their wedding hairstyle. And they absolutely do not know some of the more important rules. With that in mind, here are five styles women love to wear on their big day.

Bigger is better

Some women prefer to wear their hair bigger and bolder. They wore big and curly hair for the ceremony, and they constantly try to make it higher and wider. Adding more and more blossoms like orchids tucked behind the ears is one way to add volume. Now, while that is great, by the end of the night, you might fall into the trap of losing texture of your hair.

The sleek updo

This is probably the gold standard for wedding hairstyles. The updo is on the top of the list of hairstyles for parties, weddings, and every other event. Classic and subtle, the updo will make any woman look more graceful than ever. That is probably the reason why women love it for their wedding day.

Now, the thing to remember is that you do not have to make the updo as tightly-styled as possible. Do not put extra pressure on your hair with the tightest possible bun or updo. Just make sure that once the updo is up and running, your gorgeous hair won’t move.

Hair extensions

In the past several years, hair extensions have become extremely popular. Women want that extra “oomph” effect that the hair extensions provide. They also want more volume and more texture to work with. After all, the hair you wear on your wedding day will be the most photographed hairstyle in your life. Therefore, it is important to have as much hair to work with as possible. And while there is nothing wrong in bringing extra hair with you, just make sure to test it first.

Half up half down

This is easily the most popular hairstyle after the updo. There are many ways you can achieve this hairstyle. Some opt for simple style, while others go for braining and weaving. Some even add pins and clips to add extra sparkle to the hairstyle. No matter what is your preference, the half up and half down can fit any hairstyle. You can even war curls on the bottom under the veil.

To the side

One of the simplest ways to add flair to any hairstyle is to wear it to the side. No matter the hairstyle, wearing your hair from one side to the other is easy way to get good hairstyle. Some women even go a step further, and add pins to hold the hair in place. Just be careful, a side hairstyle will not last when you start enjoying dancing.

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