Natural Homemade Hair Shampoos For Shining Hair

Every woman dreams about having long, shining hair. But taking care of the hair sometimes will take you too much time and money. Buying all the needed shampoos and other hair products can cost you a fortune and at some case they won’t give you the desired results. That’s why we have made an exploration of some natural hair shampoos that you can make on your own with ingredients that you already have at home, or that you can buy cheaply on the market or in the store . and, below are some of the most efficient of them. Read and don’t wait to make them if you want fast and effective results.

1.Herbal Shampoo With All-Natural Ingredients

The walnut shampoo controls hair loss and makes it  soft. Also this natural shampoo stimulates hair growth. To do it in your home you need the following ingredients: 2 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds , ½ cup dry alma, ½ cup dry shitake, 10  reetha (soap nuts ) and 1.5 liter of water. To make this shampoo you need a bowl. Put all the ingredients in it and finally add water. Let the mixture to stand overnight. The next morning boil the mixture for about two hours, until the mixture becomes black. Once done, put the mixture in a glass jar. The shampoo is ready for use. The results are amazing.

Natural Homemade Hair Shampoos For Shining Hair  source

2. Herbal Shampoo Recipe for Healthy Hair

Herbs in this herbal shampoo have the following effect, removing hair dandruff, stimulating hair growth, moisturizing the hair and making it shiny. To make the shampoo you will need 2 cups of distilled water, 1/3 cup of liquid castile soap, 2 tablespoon of dried calendula, 2 tablespoon dried rosemary, 2 tablespoon dried lavender, 2 tablespoon of jojoba oil , 25 drops lavender essential oil and 25 drops geranium essential oil. In a pot, first put the distilled water and heat on  fire until the water boils. Then remove it from the fire and add the dried calendula, rosemary and lavender. Pour it into a glass and add the liquid cassia soap and jojoba oil. Stir well the mixture. Then put in a bottle that closes nicely. Add essential oils of lavender and geranium drop by drop. This shampoo is placed on wet hair. After applying it let it stand for a few minutes and remove with lukewarm water.

Natural Homemade Hair Shampoos For Shining Hair  source

3. Liquid Herbal Shampoo

For the preparation of this shampoo you have taken 2 tablespoons of dried herbs, 1 cup hot water, 1/8 cup liquid castile soap and 5 drops of vitamin E. Put the herbs in a bottle and leave for about an hour. Remove the herbs and pour the water in the bottle. Then add the liquid soap and drop oil. Apply it to the hair and gently massage the scalp. Then rinse with water. The results are wonderful.

Natural Homemade Hair Shampoos For Shining Hair  source

4. Herbal Shampoo

Necessary ingredients for this shampoo are 2 ounces castile oil , 4 to 5 ounces of water, ¼        tea spoon carrier oil  and  natural preservative. To prepare this shampoo, take a jar and put one tablespoon of all the herbs in it, pour hot water and let stand for hours. Then add  the castle soap ,carrier oil and essential oils . Stir well until the mixture is united. Apply to the hair, and rinse with water.

Natural Homemade Hair Shampoos For Shining Hair  source

5. Natural Shapoo Get Soft And Shiny Hair

To make this herbal shampoo you need 10 grams shitake  of pods , 10 grams of reetha berry  and 5 gram alma pieces. Put all the ingredients in a pan, add 750 ml of water and leave to stand for 8 hours. Then heat the mixture to a fire until it begins to boil about 5 – 15 min. Get it out of the fire and let it cool down. Apply to your hair for a few minutes before washing.

Natural Homemade Hair Shampoos For Shining Hair source

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