How to Choose an Event Photographer for My Birthday

The role of the photographer is certainly very important to capture your happy moments. Unfortunately, finding the right photographer is not easy. Consider the following nine tips so you can choose a photographer that suits your desires with the event photographer Engog to cater for your needs.

How to Choose an Event Photographer for My Birthday

  1. Study the Photo Results

This is the most important first step. See all the sample photos and portfolio of the birthday album that he produced. Try to see if the angles of the photo and the end result matches your taste. Also pay attention to small things like the studio background used. We recommend that your photographer have a studio background for full body photos and cover the floor you step on. This is important if you want a full body photo up to the foot. Also check whether the photographer has a background color to your liking.

  1. Choose Your Photographer

Some companies have many major photographers. If you like one of your photo portfolios, ask the photographer who produced the work. As much as possible you should get a photographer whose results are according to your taste. If you are offered another photographer, study his works first. No need to be afraid to look for other photo vendors if the photographer you want is not available.

  1. Get to know your photographer

Before D-day, make sure you have talked to the photographer you chose and make sure the photographer you choose can be invited to work well together. Tell us what you want for your birthday photos, including anyone you want to capture. If you have reference examples, show your photographer and ask if it is possible to make something similar.

  1. Understand the Packages Offered

Make sure you understand what you get in the photo package you choose. Things to note include, how long the photographer will work (from prewed to D-day), how many albums you get, how many photo studios you get, whether you can invite your family and friends for a photo studio, and anything you get other than an album (such as a canvas photo or photo compilation CD).

Before signing a contract, you and the photographer must agree on these matters to avoid future disputes. By understanding each other’s rights and obligations, all parties will feel more satisfied.

  1. Recognize Other Costs

Besides the price of the package, are there any other costs that will be charged to you. Budget is indeed a sensitive thing in planning birthdays. Therefore, you should not overbudget due to inaccurate in checking contract details.

Some photographers can also offer ‘upgrade’ packages with some more value. If it’s still within the budget, there’s nothing wrong with asking about this. The moment of a lifetime birthday certainly deserves good documentation.

There is a price there is such. That is common. Likewise, in ordering the services of photographers and videographers for your show. Ask for service according to your budget. Ask for a choice of services that match the available funds.

Well, if it turns out your funds are running low, then don’t use the services of a very good videographer. Or if you can borrow cameras from relatives or friends, ask them to take pictures of you or record your show.

  1. Sign the Contract

It is strongly recommended that there be a written contract that includes an agreement between you and the photographer. Read carefully the existing contracts, compare with other companies’ contracts before you sign the contract if possible. Make sure all your wishes are written on the contract to avoid disputes in the future.

  1. Completion Time

Some companies deliver photos faster than others. Make sure you also compare this. Good service owners are usually surrounded by customers. It is natural. They even have to queue to use the services of the photographer / videographer. Well, examine whether the photographer of your choice is classified as many who are in line or many who even run away after using their services.

  1. Tools Used

If you understand about the world of photography, there’s no harm in asking technical details such as what tools are used. If you are not familiar with these things, just observe the details of the portfolio. Are the photos sharp enough, the color produced is good enough, and the lighting can make the pictures taken better.

  1. Also Consider Video Documentation

Usually the photographer offers a package with video documentation. See also the results of the video work so far. Also discuss what videos you expect to find out if the vendor is able to do it. If you choose the same vendor with photos, try to ask for special prices for ordering photo and video packages. If you have to choose another vendor, decide with a partner, which is more important. Photos or videos. At the vendor where you are willing to spend a portion of the budget more.

  1. Pay Attention to Reviews and Testimonials of Previous Users

Before choosing the services of a photography or videography service you should first examine how well the work of the service provider. Sometimes the services of photographers and videographers have become a package with the services of your birthday party Event Organizer, a birthday party equipment rental service provider or even a bridal makeup service provider can “hold” the services of his partner to offer.

Well, try asking colleagues, neighbors, or acquaintances who might have used their services. If you choose a service that can be ordered via online, pay attention to testimonials or reviews outside the site. It’s better if you find users of their services and can share their experiences. So, know the advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Convey all your dreams about the photo to the photographer

Since the photo or video service provider is executing your wishes, convey all your wishes regarding how your event documentation will be. This is important so that they understand the wishes of their prospective clients. A qualified photographer or professional videographer will certainly serve even fussy prospective customers. So, a little fuss no problem as long as you just smooth payment.

  1. Choose according to the theme of your event

If you want the results of your event documentation to be good and quality, after choosing the right photographer or videographer, please convey the theme of the birthday party or event that you will be holding. This is important so that they can prepare equipment that matches the theme, the type of camera that will be used, to additional devices that may be needed.

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