How to Design a Challenge Coin: The Ultimate Guide

Are you trying to learn how to design a challenge coin? If yes, check out our guide right here on the key things to know and do.

How to Design a Challenge Coin: The Ultimate Guide

Have you been tasked to design a challenge coin for your organization?

If so, congratulations! This is an important job, as challenge coins are given out to groups, such as military units, to increase morale or to honor a special achievement.

There can be a lot of pressure to design the perfect coin, so how exactly do you do it? Read on to learn how to design the perfect challenge coin that everyone in your company will love.

Consider the Purpose

Challenge coins have a rich and fascinating history and a long tradition of being valued items. Keep the heritage of challenge coins alive by designing one of your own.

If you’re wondering how to design a challenge coin, the first step is to consider the purpose of the coin. What will it be used for? Who will it be given to?

For example, do you want a coin to honor a certain achievement or person? Or will you use the coins for fundraising? Once you have a better understanding of why you want to create a coin, you can start thinking about what it might look like.

Brainstorm Ideas

Challenge coin design can be a lot of fun, so don’t be afraid to get creative! Brainstorm design ideas to start thinking of what you’d like to include on your coin.

It can help a lot to look at other coins, like the Commander’s coin, to get inspired with ideas for your own coin. Look at as many examples as you can and you’ll soon start to work out what you like and don’t like.

Design a Challenge Coin

Once you’re ready to come up with your coin design, turning an idea into reality, here are a few steps to walk you through the process.

Before you know it, your coin will be minted and ready for use!

Sketch Out Concept

You can sketch out your design to start thinking about the layout and placement of all the things you’d like to include in the design. Sometimes, a simple paper and pencil can help you work out how you want all the elements of your design.

Or, use design software, like a challenge coin design tool, to come up with the first draft for your coin.

Customize the Artwork

One of the things that makes challenge coins special is that they’re personalized to the organization. It’s not a generic coin, it’s a representation of your division, fire department, emergency services, or local law enforcement.

To honor this, try to make your design customized to the organization it’s representing. You could do this with your logo, or you could incorporate an item, such as a flower, animal, or a tradition that’s associated with your group into the design.

That way, anyone who is a part of the organization will see the symbol and automatically know what it represents.

Will You Use Color?

Do you want color on your coin, or would you prefer to keep things more simple? If you do use color, do you want color on both sides of the coin, or just one?

These are all important details to be considered. Not only will it impact the look of the coin, but also the price, since the addition of color is likely to increase the cost per item.

Color does add beauty, flair, and vibrancy to a coin though, so the additional cost may well be worth it.

What Size Will the Coin Be?

Although your coin may be round, like a traditional coin, it doesn’t have to be. Other popular coin shapes include oval, rectangle, dog tag, star, and square.

The size and shape of the coin is completely up to you! If you do want to include a lot of text or graphics on the coin, a larger sized coin might be a better option, so it’s easier to read.

In addition to the coin size, you can decide on how you’d like the edges to appear. The edges add texture and feel to the coin, giving it a unique feel.

You can customize your edges by making them smooth, or with cuts such as rope, spurs, or crosscut. Even with custom edges, the coins will still be completely safe to hold, even for kids.

2D or 3D?

Coins can be created using either a 2D or 3D mold, depending on the look you want. 2D is more traditional, but 3D can create more intricate designs that really pop off the coin.

Again, the choice is yours, but note that 3D is likely to mean an increased cost.

Send Coin Template to Production Company

Once you’ve decided on all of the specifications, you can send your design off for production. If possible, see if they can send you a sample piece, so you can triple check that everything is correct before they are created.

After that’s done, you can sit back and relax until your new coins arrive! If anything doesn’t look right once they arrive, be sure to contact the production company immediately to discuss.

Then, you can arrange an event or ceremony to celebrate and honor the reasons behind the creation of the coin.

Everyone involved is no doubt excited about the new coin, so make it an event to remember!

Create Your Perfect Challenge Coin

Now that you know how to design a challenge coin, get started today! You can create the perfect coin for your organization, in memory or honor of a person, event, or historical occurrence.

Using the tips above, start designing the perfect challenge coin to represent your organization. Your colleagues or teammates are sure to value the work that went into creating the coin, and it’s likely to be a treasured possession of all the recipients.

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