The Latest Jewelry Trends That Pervade the Fashion Industry in 2020

Jewelry trends can evolve in the blink of an eye and greatly differ from year to year. Here’s the type of jewelry that fashionistas are in love with in 2020.

The Latest Jewelry Trends That Pervade the Fashion Industry in 2020

Since ancient times, humankind has always loved the idea of jewelry. Ever since we could manipulate tools and exercise our creativity, we’ve been pumping out amazing earrings, bracelets, necklaces, you name it.

Of course, as all fashion goes, trends will come and go. So what’s “in” as far as trending jewelry goes?

Here are all the jewelry trends that you’ll need to watch out for in 2020.

Chainlink Necklaces

For necklace trends, chainlink is back in. However, forget about wearing extra-long necklaces. Instead, opt for pieces that are short and keep it close to your neck.

Chainlink necklaces are certainly statement pieces, which means expect to draw people’s attention when you wear one out. You can choose to keep it simple with gold or silver, or you can go all out and have it blinged out with rhinestones.

Either way, this type of necklace is easy to pair in any season. In the summer, you can wear it with a sheer tank top. And in the winter, you can wear it over a chunky and comfy sweater.

Large Hoop Earrings

Hoops have always been in fashion, one way or another, and this year, they’ve proven that they’re still here to stay. However, be prepared to go big or go home! For 2020, it’s extremely fashionable to wear oversized large hoop earrings to draw attention to your face.

Hoop earrings are simple, yet they make a bold statement. This makes them very versatile; they’ll go with any outfit, whether it’s a casual jumpsuit you’re wearing to lunch or a smart black dress for a business meeting.

You can never go wrong with gold jewelry, especially when they’re hoop earrings. However, you can always expand your repertoire for hoops. Other materials that can kick your outfits up a notch include wood and plastic.


Pearls are a timeless classic that’s never fallen by the wayside, as far as fashion goes. They’re the ultimate symbol of class and elegance, which make them perfect in earrings, necklaces, and even rings.

Pearls as a jewelry trend is still going strong in 2020. Just because they’ve been used traditionally doesn’t mean you have to keep your fashion old-timey. Their simplicity makes pearls perfect to pair with any outfit, even if you’re just wearing shorts and a tank top.

In fact, they’re just what you need to elevate that outfit! Throw on a pair of heels, and you’re ready to go out to a nice meal with your significant other.

Animal Motifs

If you always felt silly buying jewelry shaped like animals, then it’s your time to shine! This year, animal motifs are extremely popular, as they give the wearer a special flair.

For example, you can wear a cat ring on one day and a bird brooch on your blouse another day. Animal motifs put such a fun spin on jewelry that we don’t see how this jewelry trend could fall out of fashion anytime soon.

Of course, don’t go too crazy with this. If you wear too many pieces with animal motifs on them, you can end up looking like the crazy cat lady from next door.

Be selective about which pieces you wear; try and keep it to 2 or 3, max. You can always rotate out the pieces during the week so you can pair them with your favorite outfits.

Silver Jewelry

Yes, we know that we said gold jewelry is always great to have. But the truth is, silver jewelry is making a huge jump in popularity for 2020. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure you keep up with this jewelry trend by stocking up on all things silver.

Whether it’s an old pair of earrings you dig out of your jewelry bag or a brand new ring you buy at a boutique, you can never have too much silver jewelry. So feel free to go nuts with this simple, yet elegant metal!

If you’re not a fan of silver and really like your gold, then at least buy some pieces in white gold. This precious metal looks close enough to silver, so you can get in on this jewelry trend by cheating just a little bit.

Pops of Color

2020 is the year to really flaunt your stuff. While gold, silver, and pearl are great and all, mismatched colors are edging their way in.

Whether it’s pieces made of different tones or you flexing your creative juices by mixing and matching your own pieces, it’s fashionable to add pops of color all over. Don’t just think about blending hues; mash up your metals and stones as well!

When you have a variety of colors and textures going on for your jewelry, it’ll really make you stand out in a crowd.

Single Earring

Do you have that lonesome earring that’s lost its mate, but it’s so beautiful you can’t bear to throw it out? Well, you’ll be glad you didn’t, because single earrings are in this year!

So go find all your single earrings and feel free to wear them on separate days to complete your look.

Keep up With the Latest Jewelry Trends

Now that you have the hottest jewelry trends for 2020, it’s time to take a look in your jewelry box to see what you already have.

If you’re missing any chic pieces for this year, then it’s time to go shopping! Whether it’s online or at your favorite brick and mortar boutique, take your time to sift through all available pieces. You never know when you’ll find that necklace or bracelet that just pops and stands out to you!

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