How To Dress If You Are Short

One of the main things that people are self-conscious about is their height and unfortunately, there isn’t a lot we can do to change it permanently. If you are short, you may find yourself dressing in such a way that actually highlights this. If you don’t want to look as short as you think you appear (we promise you that you don’t) then there are some style tips that can help alleviate you from this stress. Here are the best style tips for how to dress if you are short.

How To Dress If You Are Short

Avoid Loose Fitting Clothes

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, loose fitting clothes will not help when it comes to looking taller. We’re not saying that you need to wear skin tight everything all the time, because that isn’t practical, but you can certainty change a few things to lengthen yourself. Firstly, make sure that your cuffs don’t go past your wrists, if your cuffs are too big, they will make your arms look smaller. Likewise, with trousers, make sure they don’t fold on top of your shoes. Well-fitting clothes that are the right length will make all the difference.

Think About How You Contrast Outfits

Obviously, we want everyone to feel comfortable in what they are wearing but have a think what colours you put with what. If you are used to or like wearing high contrast outfits, such as red shirts with blue jeans, you may want to rethink that. High contrast outfits break up your shape and for shorter guys that want to appear taller, this isn’t ideal. Look for outfits that are more complimentary of one another, so if you are wearing dark jeans, go for a dark top. This advice can also be used for women, keep the contrast to a minimum so you can appear taller.


We all like getting our legs out during the summer and one of the best ways to do it is by wearing shorts. Don’t worry though, there are style tips that can help you remain confident, even with shorts on. When choosing shorts, make sure you select ones that sit above your knee, this will elongate the leg and make it look as though your legs are actually longer than they are. For women, this is the same and can also be applied to skirts and dresses. Choose a length that sits just above the knee, so your legs look longer.


You may think that shoes don’t make a huge difference when it comes to how tall you are. Well, it actually can and by making a few, yet very subtle changes to your shoe choice, you can appear taller than you are. The first step is to match your shoes with your outfits. If you are wearing black trousers, make sure your shoes are as close to black as you can get, again, this will lengthen out the legs! You can also apply this logic in summer if you are wearing shorts or a dress. Purchase shoes that are a similar colour to your legs, such as nude, tanned or browns. This way, it is difficult to tell when your leg ends, and your shoes begin!

Long Topcoats

A long topcoat is possibly one of the best and most stylish ways to help you appear taller. Not only are they an endless classic that will always remain in fashion, if you chose the correct style it can also add inches to your height. Before you buy one, you will want to go out and try them on first, this way you can be sure you are getting the right illusion. The topcoat will want to sit mid-thigh, this way it helps to lengthen the torso and create height. Again, you don’t want to have contrasting colours, so make sure the topcoat you chose matches your suits that you wear most regularly.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to being short, there is no need to worry as how you dress can really help to lengthen your body. When you chose clothes, make sure you buy one that are complimentary of each other rather than contrasting, this will help elongate your torso. It can be difficult to get good fitting clothes, but make sure they don’t stack on your legs or go over your wrists, as this can make you appear smaller than you are. Small considerations such as shoe colour can make all the difference when you are trying to elongate your legs, especially in summer! Before you start building a new wardrobe make sure you have these style tips to hand!

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