How to Get Good Advice from a Shopping Assistant

Shopping, for some people, isn’t so easy especially if you have no idea what need or what looks best on you. Here in Great Britain, major retail stores employ shop assistants to assist their customers in making the right decisions on what to buy in the store, which products are economical and what product can most serve many needs in one go.

How to Get Good Advice from a Shopping Assistant

So how do you get a shopping assistant to guide you make the right choice not just to look and feel good but also avoid overspending.

Here’s how:

  1. Ask
    Seldom do we get any help from people unless we ask. A shopping assistant is more likely to give advice to someone who asks. Though it is their job to do so, some assume you got everything figured out. This is especially a person seems to be in a hurry.
  2. Know your budget
    Get your finances straight. It could prove catastrophic if you let a shopping assistant to determine you budget because they will get you to spend every dime of your worth.
  3. Know what needs you have
    Shopping assistants know exactly what product satisfies a particular need. For them, every item in the store is customized to fulfil a particular need better than the rest of the items in the store.
  4. Pretend to be on a pre-shopping research
    Amazingly, the psychology of all shopping assistants is all the same. Their every statement is always engineered to get you to buy something instantly. Surprise them with a ‘buy-later’ query and they will a bit more honest than if they already knew they could get you to spend on impulse.
  5. Be friendly
    Majority of people on earth will be nice to a person who is nice to them. It is simply human nature. If you seem distant, unwelcoming or rude, shopping attendants are likely to give the basic service that is required of them.
  6. Express your limitations
    Most shopping assistants will assume that you are financially okay. If you let in on your little financial constraint and express that as much as you require an item, you just might be a few pennies from affording it. They will feel inclined to help you. They might also share a few tricks on how to exploit bonus-criteria and promotions as well.

A few tricks on how to safeguard yourself from shopping disasters whether you are a retailer, shopping assistant or a frequent shopper is to check out this clothing store guide found here.

Happy shopping!

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