How to Make Your Life More Stylish: A guide to achieving the life of your dreams

How to Make Your Life More Stylish: A guide to achieving the life of your dreams

You only get one life, so it is important you know how to live it well. If you are the kind of person who loves to look good and wants to inject some glamour into their every day, then you have arrived at the right place. In this handy guide, you will learn how to achieve the life of your dreams by effortlessly adding style to every aspect of you. This article will cover:

  1. Your new skincare routine
  2. Your new wardrobe items
  3. Your new interior design
  4. Your new car look
  5. How you’re going to get it all

By following these helpful tips, you will be the most fashionable person, and there will be nothing stopping you living like a VIP.

Starting on a strong foundation

When you want to look your best every day, you have to build from the ground up. This means having a killer skincare routine that keeps you glowing every day of the week. You can check out these model skincare routines to give you some inspiration about how you can look glamorous every day.

However, if you are not ready to commit to such an intensive routine, then finding a simple skincare ritual to repeat every day will keep you glowing without the fuss. Try following this one below which you can then build on to suit your own skin type:

  1. Remove your makeup with a cotton pad and some coconut oil
  2. Splash your face with warm water (this will help to open up your pores)
  3. Gently exfoliate around problem areas (for example, the bridge of your nose can be a hive for blackheads)
  4. Rise with warm water and use a gentle facial cleanser/wash
  5. Rinse off with cold water and pat dry (this will close your pores back up and prevent dirt from entering)
  6. Use an antibacterial gel (such as tea tree or witch hazel) to prevent outbreaks
  7. Finish with a cream moisturiser (and a serum if you have very dry skin)

With a simple routine like this, the key to success is getting top of the range products.

Bang on trend

Of course, looking good isn’t just about your face, it’s about how well put together you look overall. When you first walk into a room, people will see your outfit before anything else, and this means it is vital you have the right weapons in your fashion arsenal. You can use this list of fashion staples you can’t do without to get an idea of how your closet should look overall, but to get you started here are the top four items to get you started:

  • Bateau Shirt

The classic striped Bateau Shirt is often seen sported by the greatest artists and intellectuals of the past century and will add instant sophistication to your wardrobe.

  • Black Leather Jacket

This essential is a great way of adding a bad-boy edge to any outfit, the versatility of the item making it easy to pair with everything from ripped jeans and boots to a floaty, feminine dress.

  • Perfect Jeans

Need this item be explained? A great pair of long-lasting jeans that make your legs look great cannot be beaten.

  • Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are a great and comfortable way to add some feminine flair to an outfit without having to endure the pain of heels.


If you struggle in the mornings to decide what to wear or are the kind of person who loved to buy bright colours then finds nothing matches, a capsule wardrobe might be the right choice for you.

Start by having essentials such as a good pair of jeans, some vests, and some neutral coloured tops, adding to it with statement jewellery and accessories to inject some life into the looks.

A hive of creativity

The inside of your home should be a reflection of your personality and unique style. To help you get your home looking like the dream house it should be, here are four great interior decor trends you need to follow:

  • Paint colours are bolder than ever with deep violet, classic navy, and striking emerald green
  • When it comes to your sofa, velvet is the fabric of choice to add personality and class to a room
  • Retro TV units are making a come back in a strong way, with classic wooden textures contrasted with start white matte paint
  • People have an increasing love for the environment which is why indoor plants are the accessory of choice for brightening up a room naturally

Pimp your ride

You don’t have to spend thousands on a new car (unless you happen to have that kind of money lying around) to make your ride look amazing. One easy and much cheaper idea is to get a custom paint job so that your car is unique, on-trend, and fabulous, ensuring you are always travelling in style. Having a look through some of the most popular car colours can give you the inspiration to get started but, truth be told, the sky is the limit.

Remember, however, that just because you can get a custom paint job doesn’t always mean you should get graphic art or patterns adorning your car as these rarely look as good as you think they will.

Funding the fantasy

Now that you know what you want in life, you need to work out a way of getting it. One idea is to research into cash loans to help you to afford these luxuries and be the best version of yourself.

Why should I take out a loan?

You should take out a loan as an investment in yourself. The way you look will drastically impact the way you feel and your confidence levels. By spending money on making yourself look like the person you have always dreamt of being, you will be empowered to snatch that promotion at work, ask out your crush, and walk outside with your head held high.

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