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How To Pick The Right Glasses: A Simple Guide

So, you saw your favorite Youtuber wearing cool glasses and thought they looked great. When you look in the mirror while wearing glasses, for some reason, you don’t feel the same about how you look.

You didn’t pull it off in other words. Why not, though? What made her look so chic in her glasses, and you don’t?

The answer is that there are a lot of variables in how any accessory looks on you that has nothing to do with how nice an article it may be. Your hairstyle, the shape of your face, the color scheme, etc. All of these factors will determine how well you can pull off glasses that are going to compliment your style.

How To Pick The Right Glasses: A Simple Guide

In this article, I will go over several of the things to keep in mind when you are trying to pick the right eyeglasses.

Know your face shape

The first thing to do is figure out exactly what your face shape is so you can then determine which type of glasses will work with it.

Faces come in many shapes from oval, to triangle to square. Take a selfie and make a rough outline of your face to get an idea. Whichever shape the outline most resembles is a good starting point for your face type.

For instance, extra wide glasses are not going to look good on a thin, narrow or oblong face, but can look great on a face that is oval and symmetrical.

You should also try to measure your face to be really accurate. Start by measuring across your forehead from the edge of one eyebrow to the other. Next, measure under your eyes across your cheekbones. Your jawline also plays a part so measure along the line from the bottom of your ear to the chin. Lastly, measure the length of your face starting from your hairline to the bottom of your chin.

With these measurements you can then better determine what size lens and even frames are going to work best.

If you have an oval face, you’ve hit the eyeglass wearing jackpot. It is widely understood that a symmetrical face is more appealing to people.

You are able to choose from a much wider variety of styles that will suit your face no matter what. Have some fun with a variety of styles and lens sizes as you can go very bold due to the versatility of your face shape. You’re more free to let the glasses show off your style and personality.

Narrow frames work best with square faces as they tend to help to soften the rough angles of the face. The same goes for round faces though rather than soften the edges, as you don’t have hard angles, the narrow frame will help the face look longer.

Frames with distinctive brow lines are good for triangle or diamond shaped faces to soften the cheekbones.

Know your skin tone

The color of the frames is also going to come into play. And the best colors will compliment and work with your skin tone.

The key is actually knowing what your skin tone is. You either have cool, warm or neutral. To figure it out somewhat scientifically, you can take the guesswork out of it so you can truly find the right color frames.

Hold up a piece of white paper to your face and see what color your skin seems to be in comparison. You have a warm skin tone if your skin looks brownish or greenish next to the paper. If it looks slightly grey then you have a neutral skin tone and can wear whichever color you like.

To determine if you have a cool skin tone, look at your wrists where you would check your pulse. If the veins look dark verging on purple then you have a cool skin tone.

Frames that are khaki, gold, copper, peach, orange, coral, and off-white work really well with warm skin tones. Cooler skin tones will look best with dark colors like black, olive, blue and dark amber.

Hair color also counts

Even your hair color has a tone that can be either cool or warm and should also come into play when it comes to picking the frame color.

Strawberry blond, light auburn, ash brown and even greying are considered cool. Whereas darker colors like dirty blond, chestnut and amber are considered warm.

Use the same idea as with skin tone by choosing the corresponding color for the skin according to your hair color tone and you can make sure that your glasses work with your overall hair color.

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