How to Select The Most Ideal Mother of The Groom and Mother of The Bride Dress

There exist many options when it comes to choosing Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom dresses. Generally, there are no guidelines that govern the world of dress for mother of the groom as well as the mother of the bride. However, there are some factors that you can consider to ensure that you blend in and complement the general look and theme of the wedding.

Here, the focus is on choosing the perfect Plus Size Mother of The Bride dresses as well as those of the mother of the groom. Here are factors to consider.

How to Select The Most Ideal Mother of The Groom and Mother of The Bride Dress


The Bride Should Be the Guide

If you were to consider only one point, this would be it. Heed to the bride’s cues about:

  • Colour
  • Style
  • Degree of formality

The bride and the groom set the tenor for the event. As the groom’s or the bride’s mother you are a significant member of the wedding part and as such, you have no other option but to look your best. Therefore, get some guidelines from the bride and follow suit.

Style and Comfort

It is essential that you find a dress that will make the groom’s mother look fabulous and feel comfortable. This will significantly contribute to making the day unforgettable for both the wedding couple and their families. For the bride’s mother, the style of the dress should reflect her personality and be in harmony with the wedding’s theme.

The dress of the groom’s mother and the bride’s mother should not be necessarily similar. Nonetheless, they have to completely be in sync with the colours of the flowers as well as of the gowns adorned by the bridesmaids.

Length of the Dress

The length of the dress worn by the groom’s mother should be of the same length as that of the dress of the bride’s mother. While long, flowing gowns are normally appropriate for formal weddings, less formal wedding ceremonies call for knee-length dresses.

When you hear of elegance and style, you should realize that this does not always refer to matronly dresses or overpriced designer gowns for plus size mothers of the groom or bride. Nowadays, plus size dresses are available in top quality fabrics that suit every mother’s knack for fashion.

Colour of the Dress

When it comes to deciding on the colour of the dress, you have to ensure that the colour is different from that one of the bride’s gown. Furthermore, the intensity of the colour has to be consistent with the selected shades for the theme.

In case the colour doesn’t allow the groom’s mother to look her best, consider going for the neutral-coloured gowns – they are usually the best alternative. The groom’s mother must dress for comfort. This is because, just like the bride and groom, she will be busy and getting virtually the same attention from the wedding guests.


It is not a must for mothers to shed some weight in order to look fabulous on their son’s or daughter’s special day. All that is important is to know which styles flatter a woman’s figure, in addition to knowing what colours create slimmer figures, to be able to choose the ideal plus size mother of the bride dresses and mother of the groom dresses.

If you are a full-figured mother of the groom or mother of the bride, looking for an elegant dress to wear at your son’s or daughter’s wedding, then you should visit Vicky Mar for a wide range of dress choices.

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