Instagram Is The Best Platform To Showcase Fashion And Drive Traffic To Fashion Site

Most of the fashion brands follow a diverse and unique Instagram strategy to promote their product and brand. They design this strategy based on their style, the audience, and, of course, the current trends.

Instagram Is The Best Platform To Showcase Fashion And Drive Traffic To Fashion Site

Though most of these strategies are product-oriented, the brands also focus on providing the users with better content that will result in the following:

  • A better user engagement
  • A more immersive experience
  • Winning free Insta likes and
  • A better brand awareness.

However, this is not the rule carved in stone. There are a few major brands that also focus on showcasing their brand stories mixing with their creative skill and their product collection. Apart from that, several fashion brands team up with celebrities and known influencers to gain more publicity and visibility on the online platform.

Instagram Is The Best Platform To Showcase Fashion And Drive Traffic To Fashion Site

Statistics says that:

  • There are more than one hundred powerful fashion brands of the world on Instagram that use this platform to promote their product and brand and
  • There are also several other lesser-known brands that have achieved success using Instagram for their marketing purposes, gaining an engagement rate of 0.61%.

This, therefore, is the ideal platform for fashion brands to post amazing and unique content that will drive more engagement and traffic to their sites. Instagram has become the benchmark for them to achieve the desired growth rate.

Instagram Is The Best Platform To Showcase Fashion And Drive Traffic To Fashion Site

Keep in touch with the audience

More than being a mere video and photo-sharing platform, Instagram is the most innate and effective platform that helps fashion brands to be in touch with their target audience. The phots uploaded here are not only viewed but also contextualized.

The platform acts just like a magazine to attract your viewers with the only difference that it allows you to have full control of the images that you want to use and the ways in which you want them to be published.

You do not need to wait until you graduate from your fashion school and then start looking for an employer. You can start creating your fan base before you graduate and even have some influencers shortlisted to promote your startup brand.

It all depends on what you photograph and post on Instagram, say experts. You do not need to be a professional photographer for it, either. The good thing about Instagram is that it has simplified the process and even ‘democratized’ the physical part and process of photography. You just have to make sure of two things, namely:

  • You should use it as a tool for your research and
  • You must focus more on sharing the behind-the-scenes content.

This will help you to establish a connection with your target audience much easier and stay in touch with them, thereby building a robust and long-standing relationship.

Level the playing field

One of the most significant impacts Instagram has had on the fashion industry is that it has leveled the digital playing field for the fashion brands with its 3×1 grid. Big or small, it has helped all fashion brands to transform the ways in which they interact with their consumers.

This uniform playing field provided by Instagram has helped both the fashion brands as well as the consumers.

  • It has created business opportunities for the fashion brands that were unprecedented till now.
  • As for the consumers it has enabled them to have a virtual touch-and-feel experience while shopping.

It is all due to the innate ability of Instagram to create evocative and appealing Stories. The marketers can achieve their results through different approaches such as:

  • Using user-generated and curated content
  • Using photos of fashion shows
  • Using photos of their stock of products
  • Using new product launch campaign previews and
  • Using behind-the-scenes shots.

All these infuse a better and more effective dynamism to the fashion brand as well as the entire industry, for good.

Drive more sales

Instagram also helps fashion brands, big, small, or retail to drive more sales. This is done in various ways that help them to drive more engagement and traffic towards their sites.

Posting new visuals from time to time is one specific way that helps in keeping the posts fresh and appealing. Since this platform only deals with photos and videos, this creates a higher visual impact. Just make sure that the photos uploaded are:

  • Relevant
  • Consistent
  • Clean
  • High quality and
  • Exemplify the message of the brand.

Create a candid image of love and relationship to gain more exposure to a new and diverse audience.

If you do not have enough photos in your library, you can use user-generated content. The good thing about using UGCs is that it will make your posts more desirable, engaging, and relatable. This will help significantly in building brand loyalty.

Identify the most engaging brands

There are lots of fashion majors in the industry. You may identify a few of them to follow their Instagram marketing strategies to drive more engagement and traffic to your fashion site. Look at the different metrics such as:

  • Their level of engagement
  • The number of followers
  • The post frequency
  • Compare their results
  • The type and size of the communities they have built and
  • Their position in the chart.

Take some help in building your Instagram marketing strategy, but make sure that you do not copy them entirely. The best way to go ahead is to know how exactly they nurture their following and relate it with your target audience to build one for your brand.

The sustainability factors

You will get immense help from the platform itself to transform your ordinary fashion brand into an Instagram Brand. However, you may worry about the sustainability factor, which is not utterly unjustified. You will need to make your efforts sustainable through your strategy.

It is for this reason you should craft a strategy that will help in establishing connections in spite of the diverse democratic nature and demographics of social media. Connections will help you to build a large following.

Finally, make sure that you have a feasible price point for your product and its promotion because these are the two most important things.


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