Let’s Talk About Beards – The Good and the Bad of Having a Beard

Ladies, it’s time to talk about the importance of wearing a well-groomed and maintained beard and how beards affect you. Today, a man with a beard is a man indeed, and since it’s become a regularity thing when it comes to modern men, it’s absolutely safe to say that beards are here to stay.

Lets Talk About Beards – The Good and the Bad of Having a Beard

The only question that remains here is how we, as men, feel about it. Having a beard in your life has its good and bad sides. There’s no question that a beard improves some men’s appearance. On the other hand, it does require some adjusting on our part, as well as commitment from the man himself.

So, with all that in mind, let’s see some healthy and cool reasons why men should definitely grow beards, as well as some bad things about having a beard.


The Good Part: Healthy Reasons for Growing a Beard

Having a beard has some health benefits in case you didn’t know. It helps prevent your skin from getting burnt by the sun, as it blocks UV rays. Now, every man knows the pain of having acne.

Since shaving tends to cause or aggravate acne in some men, you can easily get rid of this pest by growing a beard. A beard usually means that you have smooth skin under your facial hair due to the fact that you regularly groom and maintain it.

On top of that, people who wear beards usually take care of their facial hair, which means that they help promote healthy facial skin as well. The more they take care of their beards, the more they promote smooth and healthy facial skin.

The right selection of the highest quality beard grooming products such as beard oils, balms, conditioners, as well as beard shampoos, will give you a healthy look while keeping your beard soft, smooth, and gentle.

These products will also keep your skin free from any bacteria, acne, and irritation. Learn more about beard care on here.


A Younger Appearance

Aside from all the protection a beard offers, it prevents any bacterial infections, keeps your skin moist and it contributes to having fewer wrinkles. A beard is like a fountain of youth. While it greatly reduces discoloration and the amount of acne on your skin, keeping your skin clear of any blemishes, a beard also improves the health of your skin, which gives you a younger appearance in return.

One of the great health benefits of having a beard is that it keeps allergens off your system, which, in turn, helps improve your overall health. Aside from keeping you looking younger, a beard also helps you feel younger. You’ll have less sun exposure with it, so you benefit by getting fewer wrinkles, which further promotes your youthful appearance.


Beards Upgrade Your Appearance and Improve Confidence

Additionally, women find men with beards more attractive and mature. Having a beard gives you a manly appearance. It also helps build your confidence and confident men are more successful in every aspect of life.

Most studies on the matter have proven that men think that a beard gives them confidence and a certain sense of power that’s clearly evident to the rest of the world around them. It also makes them feel like setting a higher standard for their lives.

A beard is a wonderful natural accessory that has its valuable advantages, and if you want to learn more about beards and beard grooming, check out this guide.


The Bad Part: Bad Things about Wearing a Beard

There are some bad things about having a beard, although this all greatly depends on how much effort a man puts into grooming and maintenance. Your beard won’t take care of itself.

You take care of your haircut, hand and toenails, your personal hygiene, dental hygiene and everything else that has something to do with your appearance, and your beard requires equal attention. With that in mind, here are some of the things that you can expect when you have a beard.

Most beard wearers complain about the itchiness. The itchy phase is something that you have to go through if you want to grow a beard but fortunately, it’s possible to find excellent beard treatment products that’ll help you go through this phase.

Uneven growth is something that bothers most men, especially younger adult males. Then you have skin irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin, but as we said before, it’s possible to handle it with proper beard cosmetics.

Now, high maintenance needs are the only real problem here. The longer the beard, the more attention you to need to pay to it, but once you get used to it, it’ll become easy to maintain. Last in line is the food that gets caught in it, but with a bit of attention that can be easily sorted out.


If you ask us, all these reasons aren’t nearly enough for you to decide not to grow a beard. Find out more about the benefits of having a beard, as explained in this article.

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