Make Your Honeymoon the Trip of a Lifetime

Make Your Honeymoon the Trip of a Lifetime

After months and possibly years of wedding planning stress, your honeymoon is the perfect excuse to enjoy a romantic trip of a lifetime. There are plenty of dreamy locations to consider, but before you make any final decisions, there are things you need to consider.

Your honeymoon is one trip you want to reminisce about for many years to come which means it’s got to be special. Here are some of the best tips to consider.

Make Your Honeymoon the Trip of a Lifetime

What are Your Interests?

Before you start thinking about the destination for your honeymoon, you should be thinking about what you both want from the trip. Writing down your three favourite things may help you narrow ideas down.

Would you like to experience new food, spend your days on the beach or enjoy an adventure? If you’ve decided it’s Greece holidays you want, picking your interests will help narrow down the final destination.

Don’t Try to Copy Someone Else

It’s very tempting to copy someone else’s perfect honeymoon, but you might find it’s not quite what you’re looking for. Everyone has different wants and needs, and we all have our own ideas on what’s fun and what’s not. This is your honeymoon, so it’s important you tailor it to you and your partner.

Figure Out Your Budget

A honeymoon has to be stress-free, so decide on a realistic budget and stick to it. If you don’t, you’ll spend all the time you’re away worrying about how you’re going to pay for it. Not quite the start to married life you’d be hoping for. There are lots of costs you have to consider and compare. For example, the cost of flights, accommodation, activities, eating out, keeping in touch with friends and family, travel insurance and exchanging currency.

Start a Honeyfund

A popular option for many couples is to start a honeyfund. It’s a way of getting guests to put money towards your honeymoon rather than buying wedding gifts you don’t really need or want. It’s also a way of getting other people involved in your honeymoon planning.

Consider Travelling Off Season

If your budget is limited, don’t rule out the option of travelling out of season. Even if you hold the wedding ceremony at the height of the summer, it doesn’t mean you have to enjoy your honeymoon straight away.

Travelling off season could mean you’ll pay much less for popular honeymoon destinations. If you’re not looking for 24-hour sunshine, this is an option definitely worth considering.

Plan the Perfect Itinerary

When you’re planning your honeymoon, make sure you leave time for yourselves as well as including lots of sightseeing tours and other fun activities. The temptation is to cover too many things in a limited space of time. This will leave you both feeling totally exhausted and leave little time for each other. Remember to include at least a couple of days when you can enjoy rest, romance and relaxation.

For the more adventurous types it’s very tempting to simply pack your bags, book a night in a hotel, and then take it from there. This might leave you with some memories, but it’s also possible you’ll be having nightmares about it for many months to come.

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