Managing the Balance Between Comfy and Stylish Fashion

Managing the balance between comfy and stylish fashion can be quite a tricky proposition.

Sure, a killer pair of heels might look good, but if it comes at the cost of making your feet bleed, or you falling over and injuring yourself, then is that a sacrifice you are prepared to make?

Likewise, are you getting a bit tired of the whole 2-hour process of washing, conditioning and blow drying your hair every time you need to dress up for an important business meeting or event?

Sisters, we feel your pain!

Thankfully, there are few things you can do to create a look that is chic enough to get you plenty of compliments. Yet also provides you with similar feelings of comfort, that your favourite pair of sweatpants do.

So, let’s look at them in a bit more detail.

Managing the Balance Between Comfy and Stylish Fashion
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Stick to neutrals

A sure-fire way to strike that perfect balance between classy and comfortable is to stay with solid neutrals.

By doing this, you can easily spruce up your look with a pop of colour, in the form of an accessory or your lippy. Which in turn transforms a simple outfit into one that is trendy or classic.

Try to combine bright lip colours like fuchsia or red, with a comfy black dress, or beige skirt and white tucked-in shirt ensemble, and see how far it lifts your style game.

A good range of neutral colours to have in your wardrobe are navy blue, grey, black, white and beige. If you can, think about getting a skirt for every occasion in at least one of these colours.

Of course, you don’t have to exclusively stick to these shades for all your clothes. But it is worth having them on hand as safe ‘go-to’ picks, for those occasions when you don’t have the mental energy to scurry through your closet and mix and match your pieces.


As mentioned above, adding just the right accessory piece to your favourite casual outfit can completely transform it into something chic.

The key thing is to not go overboard. Otherwise, you may end up looking like you are about to join a float at the Notting Hill Carnival.

Instead, try to use smaller accents like simple jewellery, a pastel scarf or an animal-print belt, which will remould a regular outfit into something far more elegant and eye-catching.

Style your hair

As a rule, if your hair looks great, it’s much easier to find an outfit that compliments it. Consider this example of rigid denim jeans or a nice casual dress.

Even if you are feeling very uninspired. Or you get caught on the hop and find yourself needing to go out at a moment’s notice, wearing just a basic outfit – you can totally uplift this look just by spending a few minutes doing your hair.

You don’t have to do anything too fancy. A high ponytail or sleek bun, combined with a quick application of makeup, will do the trick. Which will create a rather sassy, sophisticated and uber-modern look for you, that shouldn’t take more than five minutes to produce.

Break out your rompers

Rompers made a big comeback a few years ago and it looks like they are here to stay for a while. Which is very good news for those who are trying to manage the balance between comfy and stylish fashion.

As a one-piece, this versatile outfit comes in several different styles and is suitable for all body types. It can also be worn for a range of different occasions.

What is great about them, is that you can take them from regular run-of-the-mill, to something with a ‘wow’ factor, just by adding things like pearls or heels. And of course doing your hair and make up.

Most clothing lines at present have several romper models in their portfolio. So it’s worth getting a couple of them for those busy days, where you are going straight from work to after office cocktails.

Wear thick heels

As sexy as they look, you’d have to question whether stilettos are worth wearing. Especially given how exhausting they can be to have on all day. And also the long term negative effects they can have on your health.

It seems complete madness to have to put up with something painful just for the sake of sartorial elegance. So maybe it is time you stopped exposing yourself to the torture of uncomfortable shoes?

Besides there are lots of other types of shoes that are on-trend and stylish right now that won’t cripple you with pain.

Flats and sneakers are not viewed solely as informal footwear anymore. Instead the focus is being shifted very much towards comfort. So don’t be afraid to add them to whatever look you decide to rock.

For those who are not willing to put their heels into retirement just yet, there are lots of styles that come in thick heels, which are actually rather comfortable and pretty voguish at present too.

Final Thought

Despite what others might say, stylish and elegant outfits don’t need to break the bank. Or for that matter any of your bones – given the potential for injury whilst wearing heels!

It’s perfectly understandable that you would want to look stylish and be comfortable in everything you wear, and the way to do that is to make clever choices.

If you take note of the hints and tips we’ve outlined above, you’ll soon find yourself coming up with several combinations that strike that perfect balance between comfy and stylish fashion.

And, when all things are considered, that is what looking good should be all about!

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