Planning a First Date Outfit: Tips and Ideas

A date is a great opportunity to get to know your companion in an informal setting. A properly planned outfit plus a couple of accessories together with friendly manners will open the door to her heart. Who would like to spend an evening with a guy that comes on a date in old jeans and shoddy sneakers? So, what to wear to make things right?

Planning a First Date Outfit: Tips and Ideassource

The choice of a first date outfit directly depends on where you’re going. There can be a huge number of options, and here are a few of them.

An outdoor date

Not all dates happen in a chic restaurant with a glass of expensive red wine in your hand. You can also ask her out to a rollerblading or skating rink or just take a stroll in the park. All these options involve spending time actively. Deciding how to dress for a date in this situation, you need to focus on convenience.

Choose comfortable brown or khaki pants. Jeans will also do but only if their color is light. You’ll feel more confident without stains from grass and dirt on your clothes. As for the upper part, put on a shirt and a loose jacket. You can pick a white T-shirt and a classic cardigan with small buttons (it’s a convenient piece of clothing for all occasions). All this will look great with comfortable moccasins or classic sneakers.

A date at a restaurant

A date in a restaurant implies a classic outfit: a suit, a light shirt, and classic shoes. You’re free to complement your image with accessories, such as watches, cuff links, breastplate, or tie. If you don’t wear a tie in your daily life, you can do without it. The main thing is that you don’t get distracted by uncomfortable clothes, so you can devote all your time to your companion.

A date at a theater

In this case, it’s better not to experiment with images. For an unforgettable date in a theater, you need a strict classical suit, black shoes, and a light shirt. A theater is an excellent demonstration platform that shows how men should dress for a date.

A date at a cafe

What to wear on a date if you decided to ask your companion out to a casual café just for a sweet chat? Feel free to put on a blazer with a V-neck and a casual shirt. If you don’t like blazers, you can replace it with a casual jacket, and your image will still look harmonious. Shoes should be classic, no matter whether you choose sneakers or something else. If you suddenly decide to continue the date in a nightclub, you’ll feel comfortable in such outfit.

A movie night

A movie date is one of the worst options because a date should involve a joint pastime and not sitting together in the complete darkness, surrounded by strangers. But anyway, if you decide to ask her out to a movie theater, choose comfortable everyday attire, like jeans, a T-shirt or shirt, slim shoes or classic white sneakers.

A few more tips on how to dress for a first date

– Don’t overdo it with black: this will create an unpleasant atmosphere of mourning. It’s better to choose clothes of muted colors, like gray, all shades of brown, or dark blue. Don’t wear T-shirts with bright prints.

– It’s better to leave the clothes you feel uncomfortable in at home. This also applies to new pieces of clothing, too. Before putting a brand new shirt or suit, be sure to remove all labels and tags.

– Don’t forget that not all colors suit each other. On a date, just like in everyday life, your clothes shouldn’t be too bright. Your outfit shouldn’t consist of more than three colors. Jeans, as well as suits of light shades of gray and blue,  can be combined with brown shoes. The suit of black and dark shades of gray and blue perfectly matches with shoes of strict black color.

All these tips are especially important if you’re dating a Russian lady, as Eastern European women pay a lot of attention to a sense of taste. If that’s your case, read more to get to know your Slavic companion better.

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