Reasons to fall in Love with the New Celestial Opulence Collection by Timex

How many times have you gone outside dissatisfied with your outfit? Or felt that something was missing, that your outfit was yearning for just one thing, but you couldn’t figure out what it was? We all need that special item to give our look certain glamour; something to break the monotony of our style, that makes you shine brighter than those around you. At the same time, it should bring out more of your personality and make your look more unique to you than it was before!

Timex’s new Celestial Opulence Collection is perfect to meet all these needs. These are some of the best available women’s watches in India. Celestial Opulence Automatic, one of the variants is the brand’s first women’s automatic watch collection since 2011. The Celestial Opulence Crystal, on the other hand, is based on your zodiac. Here are a few reasons to fall in love with the new collection:

Reasons to fall in Love with the New Celestial Opulence Collection by Timex

  1. Uniquely beautiful design!

Characterized by a floating hour hand on the dial, the Celestial Opulence Automatic is inspired by the movement of the stars in the night sky. While the 38 mm dial does have a classic minute hand, it opts for a more unique hour hand. An arrow set on a rotating disc adds elegance while not sacrificing ease of time-telling.  The crystal collection, on the other hand, while retaining the classic minutes hands, has an ethereal dial, set with shimmering Swarovski crystals which show your zodiac sign in the dark.

  1. Perfect for Astrology enthusiasts!


The Celestial Opulence Crystal is perfect for those who avidly follow zodiac signs and horoscopes. Those who do, know how important the stars are in everyone’s life. With a dial that represents the beautiful night sky, this variant also shows your zodiac sign in dark. And as the zodiac lovers would also agree, it also represents your personality!


  1. Completes Your Outfit for Special Occasions


These watches are the missing piece in your outfit! They are sleek, elegant and perfect for special occasions. Whether it is an official meeting or a night out in a party with friends, these watches will help you stand out and put the spotlight on you!


  1. Perfectly Complimenting Your Energy


The Automatic design functions using the energy created in your motions, this means there is no use of batteries and other temporary sources of power. As long as this watch has you, both of you beauties are gonna be everlasting!

So don’t waste your time and find the nearest Timex store or log on to to buy watches in India online. It’s time to make this exquisite watch yours as soon as you can!

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