Seven Packing List for the Perfect Ireland Trip

Traveling to Ireland mean different things depending on the type of tourists. But in general, some things are necessary when traveling somewhere different than the city one is born. Ireland is a beautiful country to visit having a different type of locations and weather.

Seven Packing List for the Perfect Ireland Trip

So it is essential that you arrange your bag pack and packing list that is specific to Ireland. So, there are some tips to have in mind when filling up the bags.

  1. The obvious things

These are the most important documents that everyone needs when travelling, that should always be packed and never forgotten. These are personal ID, passport, medications if necessary and the other important is travel insurance, to secure your trip.

Travel insurance is to have a better sense of safety while traveling and a great option is hiring travel insurance from as it includes medical, baggage and cancelation cover.

  1. The toiletries

Anything can be bought when arriving in Ireland, but it may be better to take everything when leaving your home.

Things to pack are deodorant, toothbrush, and toothpaste, razor. It can be an option also to pack towels, shampoo and conditioner and soap but most hotels provide these.

  1. Check the climate

A significant thing to revise before even packing clothes is to check what the weather forecast is going to be. Climate can give a clue of what type of clothes you will be needing and not have to worry about packing the wrong kind of clothing. It’s good to know how many days you’ll be in warm vs. cold weather to correctly prepared.

  1. Pack for unpredictable weather

Even though there has been a revision of what the weather is going to be like, there is no trouble of always being prepared. The saying goes “better safe than sorry.” Even if you are going to a place known for the template weather, it is good to pack one outwear that will protect from the cold and wind if any.

  1. Being comfortable is key!

Be comfortable is the key when traveling. As a tourist walking is what you are going to find yourself doing most of the time, so the clothing, shoes, and bags that carried on a trip should be very comfortable to use for long periods. It’s essential, so the sun is not a bad factor.

  1. Always be connected

When traveling to a place where you know no one, as Ireland may be, it’s important to still have your phone with you. Take in mind to have a correct adaptor for your charging cord as well as a power converter.

  1. The Maybes

Of course, there are some comfort or personal items that might make a trip experience more beautiful. They are some extras that may be preferred by some people to try and fit on a bag. For example noise-canceling headphones, bug spray, reusable shopping totes, and water bottle, as well as very valued jewelry.

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