She Draws Eyebrows Under Her Eyes. When She’s Done? Absolutely Brilliant!

Hey ladies are you happy – the Halloween is approaching and i can’t wait the whole party and all this things in the spirit of Halloween. Are you like a most of the people that starts the preparations and for the parties as early as October, do you already plan different costumes and makeup ideas that you can use for the event. Probably you like to go to the mall and local stores to buy costumes to wear, but sometimes, you could DIY and create something unique.

She Draws Eyebrows Under Her Eyes. When Shes Done? Absolutely Brilliant!
The presented demonstration for Halloween below is simply amazing. The woman is so creative in conceiving of this idea, and is clearly very artistic. I m sure that you would like to try this idea. So cool. Watch the video below and enjoy!

via dope2111

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