She Wraps Her Hair In T-Shirt Every Morning. The Result? Stunning!

If you want to have beautiful curls throughout all the day and did not want to damage your hair, then this trick is the perfect solution for you.
To have a perfect hairstyle you need only one T- shirt in short sleeves. For the trick to be successful it would be ideal if you do it after washing your hair, but if you do not have the time then it is enough to wet your hair before.

Once you wet or wash your hair, place the shirt on the bed and slowly put hair on it by making you bend your head to the shirt.She Wraps Her Hair In T Shirt Every Morning. The Result? Stunning!

Then bend the T-shirt around your head and wait until it dry. If you do not want to wait long, use the dryer and dry our hair through the T-shirt
You will get ideal and playful curls.
See once again this interesting video that will show you how to curl your hair using a T-shirt. Enjoy!

via Donata White

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