Sleeping Position To Stay Healthy: The Best And The Worst Ways To Sleep

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Sleeping on your back

Sleeping on your back keeps your neck, head, and spine in a neutral position without exerting any pressure on the back. This is a good sleeping position as recommended by doctors. Many doctors also agree that sleeping in savasana pose is good for neck and spine health.  If you want to avoid waking up with a strained neck, you should sleep in this position every night, with or without a pillow. What’s more, spending all night with your face out will also lead to fewer wrinkles.

Sleeping Position To Stay Healthy: The Best And The Worst Ways To Sleep source

2. Sleeping on your side

Patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea or those who are prone to snoring should consider sleeping on their side.. Lying on the bed on your side is helpful as it aligns the spine and prevents backache. The downside to side-sleeping is that it can cause unwanted facial wrinkles. Pressing half of body on the mattress will also lead to saggy breasts so it’s not recommended to stay in this position all night.

Physicians encourage pregnant women to sleep on their left side for better blood flow to the heart, which is beneficial for both mother and baby. If you’re suffering from heartburn or indigestion, this side-sleeping will ease your conditions. At the same time, extra pressure can be put on the lungs and stomach and cause organ strain. Almost all side-sleepers wake up with numbness in their arms as this is one of the most common sleep positions. Only heavily pregnant women are also recommended to sleep in this position.

Sleeping Position To Stay Healthy: The Best And The Worst Ways To Sleep source

3. Sleeping on your stomach

You should avoid this position as it puts a lot of strain on your spine. The pressure it puts on your muscles and joints will lead to numbness as if you have pins and needles in your hands and legs.

When you’re sleeping in this position, your organs’ movements slow down or totally stop due to the pressure that’s exerted on them. Stomach-sleeping is only beneficial for heavy snorers as it helps them keep their upper airways open.

Sleeping Position To Stay Healthy: The Best And The Worst Ways To Sleep source

4. Foetal position

Foetal position is when you’re curled up into a ball hugging your drawn-up knees. This is probably one of the worst positions to sleep as it can cause a number of problems with your neck and back. Sleeping like a foetus restricts breathing, especially if you’re a snorer or pregnant. In fact, the quality of your sleep will be severely affected due to breathing restriction.

Sleeping Position To Stay Healthy: The Best And The Worst Ways To Sleep source

5.Pillow-supplemented position

To get a better rest with less spinal pain, consider the pillow-supplemented position. Even if you prefer sleeping on your back, you can easily place a pillow between your knees without straining your spine. Stomach sleepers should place the pillow under the hips for extra support to the joints. Whichever position you’re most comfortable with, you can easily use extra pillows for support.
This will result in improved sleep and much less discomfort. Placing extra pillows at either of your sides will provide hip support, especially if you lie on your back. For complete and painless relaxation, consider placing a pillow under your feet whilst you’re in this position. The main thing is to be able to fall asleep comfortably for at least 6 hours. By maintaining a comfortable position, your body will gain numerous health benefits and your sleep quality will surely improve.

Sleeping Position To Stay Healthy: The Best And The Worst Ways To Sleep source

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