Slip In n’ Out – 6 Plus Sized Intimates to Try

Slip In n Out   6 Plus Sized Intimates to Try

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Plus-sized beauties often shy away from investing in sexy and sultry lingerie. Ladies, it’s time to toss aside those oversized knickers and get yourself some form-flattering lingerie.

Many women regard lingerie as an indulgence. It is an indulgence, but these investments will brim you with confidence by accentuating your curves. You see, intimates help highlight and define our shape and structure, bringing out the best in our bodies. Even though we spend an overwhelming amount of time criticizing our curves and body shape, how about, we use that time to understand what works best in highlighting our curves instead?

This article is all about celebrating your assets by investing in the right kind of support. We’ve prepared an exciting roundup of lingerie trends to help you find the perfect pick.

1.     High-Rise Panties

Are you constantly struggling to tuck in that protruding muffin top? Are you always avoiding tight-fitted clothing and bodycon dresses? Chances are, you’re not investing in the proper knickers to support your form. Get high-rise panties with a sturdy lining that settles around your waist.

High-rise panties are an excellent investment to bring up those curves and highlight your waist. Many women with pear-shaped bodies struggle to find the proper support and end up shrouding their thighs. That’s a mistake. Your thighs and curves are your best features, and they deserve all the attention they can get.

High-rise panties are an excellent choice for all plus-size women who want to rock a sleek waistline and play up their curves. In contrast, apple-shaped women feel overly conscious about their midriff and tummies. To get around this, try finding plus size shapewear panties with a high-rise waist to accentuate your curves with an elegant effect.

You can slip these on with anything and everything. High-rise panties will make you more confident about wearing tight-fitted skirts, dresses, and curve-hugging leggings. It’s wise to invest in neutral tones, such as nude, black, white, and sand, to enjoy versatility.

2.     Bodysuits

Is there anything sexier and more seductive than a sleek bodysuit? This lingerie trend is all the rage in fashion capitals worldwide, and for a good reason! Bodysuits offer curvy women the best lingerie trends combined in one terrific package.

Bodysuits create the perfect palette to flaunt whichever trend you like with fierce confidence. This tailored and well-fitted lingerie staple will slim your waist and highlight your curves with sensual energy. It will slim down the contours of your body and eliminate the elements that compromise your confidence.

Bodysuits and bodycon dresses are a match made in heaven. Do you know what we love the most about bodysuits? Their versatility, which makes them more than just a lingerie piece. You can pair them up with wide-leg pants, pencil skirts, blazers, and silk slip dresses for an audaciously hot statement.

3.     Padded Contour Bra

Many plus-sized women avoid padded bras because they don’t want to add padding to their busts. That’s a mistake that stems from misinformation about padded bras. You see, the padding doesn’t add heaviness to the bust but helps create a shapely and well-structured appeal.

A padded contour bra will help you create a shapely and well-structured appeal to flaunt your favorite trends with confidence. It will fill out the contours of your breasts and offer adequate support to create a natural lift. You can explore a delightful variety of styles and fabrics in this trend. We urge you to pick a lacy padded contour bra with subtle embroidery.

4.     Triangle Bra

Here’s the ultimate staple for ladies who prefer minimalist intimates to avoid those awful sweat storms; the triangle bra. It’s a simple, minimalist design that offers you ample support and lifts. The triangle bra looks a lot like a skimpy bralette, and it is amazingly comfortable.

The sleek and straightforward design doesn’t feature a lot of fabric, making it ideal for ladies who sweat a lot. It will help you escape perspiration without sagging. The sleek accents will work wonders at lifting your bust to accentuate your waist.

5.     Underwire Babydoll

Do you always shy away from investing in flirtatiously playful babydolls? Most plus-size women avoid babydolls because they deny the support they need to lift their heavy busts. We advise you to invest in a babydoll with an underwire cup for added support. The underwire will lift your busty assets and give your curves a sleek and shapely structure.

The plus-size lingerie market is flooded with body-positive brands churning out gorgeous babydolls suited for each body size. We urge you to invest in a dazzling set featuring lace, mesh patches, or even subtle embroidery.

When it comes to shopping for babydolls, one has to indulge in all the guilty pleasures. Pick out a set that makes you feel like a goddess!

6.     Corsets

Here’s another trend that plus-sized beauties tend to avoid: corsets. Corsets are a centuries’ old creation, and they continue to dominate lingerie trends to this date. The finesse and structuring appeal of a corset stands unrivaled, as does its sexiness and sensual energy. It makes no sense to avoid a corset because no lingerie piece offers this kind of support. Ladies, be brave and embrace the corset!

A corset will lend tremendous support to your bust and waistline. It will slim down your waist and play up your curves with its sleek fit. Corsets make excellent tops, and you can pair them up with anything and everything. For instance, you can style a corset with a sleek mini-skirt or even wide-leg pants.

As a lingerie staple, a corset will give your figure a slimming effect and accentuate your curvature to the max. Go big and go bold with a lace-up corset featuring glamorous details and mesh accents.


You cannot shop for lingerie if you’re not familiar with your size and body shape requirements. It’s essential to understand your sizing needs and find trends that flatter your form. Lingerie and intimates set the tone for the outfit by highlighting our curves. Naturally, if the shape is haywire, even the most glamorous dress will look unflattering.

Therefore, finding the right lingerie trends to flatter your curves and body shape is of the utmost significance. It’s about time you start investing in lingerie to celebrate and ravish your curves. The confidence of wearing a lacy padded bra or a sassy corset will make you fall in love with your curves. We advise you to experiment around and find trends that do justice to your curvature.

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