The basic stages you should follow to ace your project management


Initiating a project can be one hideous task if you have not planned accordingly. Before starting a project, there are n number of tasks that need to be addressed in order to make sure that the entire things turns out in success. It is extremely important to do the right task at the right time in the right way. Any mishap can cause serious problems for you and your business. This is why project managers are trained in such a manner that they know how to deal with all the little integrities before the start of any project. The most ideal approach is to break down the management process into a number of steps.

The basic stages you should follow to ace your project management

Commencement of the project

No matter what project you are willing to do, beginning of the project needs to be addressed with care. This is where the project is assessed whether it is worth the time and investment of the people. The managers access the feasibility of the project using 2 ways. First they check why the project needs to carried out and what are the monetary benefits associated to it. They also check if the rate of success of the project. Secondly, they consider if the project’s timeframe and the cost and resources required for the project. Once, a project is assumed feasible can it be passed on to the other departments.

Planning of the project

The next step is a decent plan for the project. This is an essential step in the process as majority of the future proceedings will heavily rely on this plan. This project plan acts as the go to place for the entire project; be it allocating resources, finding the financial budgets, etc. It is the perfect place for the team to get their commands and to see which step will require what amount of time. The project plan will always have Plan B and C as contingency planning in case there are any mishaps.

Implementation and control of the project

Now comes the time to act on the plan. The plan that is decided needs to be executed in the most perfect manner in order to make sure that the job is done in accordance to the needs of the customers. The best managers are those who ensure that all the team is highly motivated and are working according to the plan in order to make sure that the project is completed successfully. There are certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are used by businesses in order to access the performances of their workforce. Hence it is very important that the plan is made in accordance to the capabilities of the team.

Project completion

Once all the steps are being held out accordingly, the project will ultimately reach completion in the best possible manner. The success of the project is purely determined by the satisfaction of the customers once they have been delivered the service. This is the time when the team assesses their performance and finds all the problems and mistakes and how they can avoid them in the project to follow.

This was only a brief overview of the concept of project management. Project management is a much more diverse and interesting topic to discuss which will offer you a lot to learn and experience. Learn more about project management through exciting courses available on Edureka or check some amazing and useful start-up projects at

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