The Best Celebrity Engagement Rings

The lives of the rich and famous are nice to daydream about sometimes. No limits on how much you could spend on jewelry, cars, clothes – oh the possibilities would be endless! Having said that, these past few years have been filled with celebrity weddings and engagements – because let’s face it – the most important thing of all is love and having someone by your side! And if they can buy you a big fat diamond, well then that’s just an extra! So without further ado, we present you with the best (and most extravagant!) celebrity engagement rings.

Try not to turn green with envy! And if you’re looking for something a bit more affordable (but just as gorgeous) try Michael Hill!

Kim Kardashian

Kim shot to fame after her reality series ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians‘ took off (or was it her scandalous sex tape?!) Either way, she landed herself a pretty famous singer as a fiance (none other than Kanye West) and scored herself an 8 million dollar Lorraine Schwartz massive square diamond.

Jennifer Garner

Gorgeous actress Jennifer Garner and her husband Ben Affleck are a match made in Hollywood heaven. It’s not often that couples can survive the big test of Hollywood, but these two love birds seem to be going strong. Well why wouldn’t you be when you’re sporting a 4.5 carat rock on your finger?! He must love her a lot! Whilst maybe not as big and ‘out there’ as Kim’s, it’s still certainly a beauty!


Beyonce and Jay Z are certainly one of the leading power couples in Hollywood and don’t seem to be going anywhere soon! They have made a fortune together (and apart) which is evident in Beyonce’s whopping 18 carat square cut diamond ring! Wowza!

Angelina Jolie

Well it was the question on everybody’s lips for years – when oh when was Brad Pitt going to pop the question to his long term girlfriend Angelina?! Well finally he did, and boy did he do it in style! Angelina’s engagement ring was custom designed by Robert Procop and is 16 – carats! He certainly made up for all the time he took to propose!

Blake Lively

The gorgeous Blake Lively from the super popular ‘Gossip Girl’ met her match in another Hollywood star, Ryan Renolds and the two quickly became a very hot item. Their engagement and wedding was successfully kept a secret, but her ring certainly was not! It’s an incredible Lorraine Schwartz pink square diamond – no word on the amount of carats but it certainly looks super impressive!

Heidi Klum

Sadly Heidi Klum and Seal are no longer together after a long and happy marriage, but who could forget her incredible engagement ring?! It was a 10 carat yellow diamond ring that had everyone talking!

Jessica Biel

The stunning actress Jessica Biel met award winning singer Justin Timberlake, and the rest was history! He proposed after a few happy years with the beauty and won her over with a very unique vintage looking 6 carat diamond which completely matches her own personal style!

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