The Best Type of Skirts To Pair With Tights

When it comes to donning skirts with tights, the combinations are truly limitless. From classic plaid skirts paired with opaque black tights for a sophisticated outfit to floral skirts paired with sheer tights for a romantic date night ensemble, the possibilities are endless. This timeless fall and winter aesthetic lends itself to multiple looks that effortlessly transition from day to night, making it a dynamic duo for any occasion. Stay cozy and look stylish this fall and winter by exploring the best type of skirts to pair with tights.

The Best Type of Skirts To Pair With Tights

Pencil Skirts

The classic pencil skirt is one of the best skirts to pair with tights. This skirt style is sophisticated and versatile, and wearers can dress it up or down depending on the occasion, skirt length, and choice of tights. A midi pencil skirt paired with black tights styles a professional outfit suitable for a day in the office. A short, neutral pencil skirt matched with colorful tights gives you a fun getup fit for bubbly personalities and nights out.

Mini Skirts

Defy the chill in the air and pair your favorite mini skirt with a pair of tights. This combination is perfect for a casual day out or an evening gathering. Leather mini skirts and tights are one of the many popular ways to style a skirt when the temperatures drop, keeping you comfortable while creating an edgy and chic look. Mini skirts don’t have to go into hiding during cooler seasons—minis can be in your year-round wardrobe rotation when you wear them with tights.

A-Line Skirts

A-line skirts are universally flattering and versatile, making them an excellent choice to pair with tights. These skirts cinch at the waist and beautifully flare out toward the hem, creating a feminine and elegant silhouette that accentuates curves. A midi A-line skirt with tights, boots, and a long cashmere jacket or blazer contribute to a classy ensemble fit for royalty. Fashion inspiration and princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, wears a midi and tights frequently, making it one of her many staple looks.

Vintage Plaid Skirts

Vintage plaid skirts are classic garments that exude charm and style. Pairing them with tights can create an incredibly chic and comfortable outfit. Opt for thinner, breathable tights that won’t add bulk underneath your skirt to achieve the perfect look. After all, you want to ensure your outfit remains both stylish and comfortable. Vintage plaid skirts and tights can style academia, rock, and cottage-core aesthetic looks depending on the fall accessories you choose. Varying plaid patterns also change the look and style you curate. Smaller plaid patterns lean more toward academia, while larger checkers accentuate the vintage and outdoorsy aesthetic of plaid skirts.

Final Fashion Advice

Pairing tights with skirts allows you to maintain your style and elevate your fashion game throughout the seasons. The right combination of tights and skirts further expands your fashionability, creating versatile and stylish looks fit for any occasion and desired aesthetic. Try one of these best skirts to pair with your tights and style a chic, trendy, and cozy fall and winter outfit.

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