The Dos and Don’ts of Dressing for an Interview

Getting dressed to chase your dream job can be confusing, especially if it’s your first time in a job interview. You shouldn’t dress too casually, but also not too conservatively depending on the work environment. Certain jewelry should be avoided, but simple accessories will complement your look. Is the way you dress really that important?

The Dos and Don’ts of Dressing for an Interview

Yes, it is. Your first impression will always be the most important for a hiring manager and a potential employer, and that includes not only the way you speak about yourself but the way you dress and look.

Read on to learn what to do and what to avoid when choosing the ideal interview outfit.

Do: Stand Out In Professional Attire

Depending on the type of job you’re applying for, you won’t need to go as far as wearing a black suit, though it’s a great option that passes confidence. Most times, looking professional is as easy as wearing button-down shirts with pants or pencil skirts, or a dress shirt under a blazer for a simple yet elegant combination.

Besides, make sure you know the appropriate dress code of the workplace beforehand. Do employees dress more casually or conservatively? Do women usually wear suits or skirts? Giving the office a quick call will help you decide what to wear.

Don’t: “Stand Out” In Low-Cuts And Lace

The only person you’ll need to impress is your hiring manager, no one else. But you should impress them the right way. If your showy earrings and sheer blouse steal the attention from your skills or eloquence, your chance of getting the job will be lower.

Prefer more subdued jewelry and cuts that show no cleavage. Neutral colors are your best options for shoes, skirts, and even makeup. Remember: the focus should be on you and your words.

Do: Wear Comfortable Clothes That Fit Well

A job interview can be nerve-wracking for some people—that’s why it’s important to work on your confidence before this decisive time comes.

If there’s something that can transform your confidence, it’s the fact that you love what you’re wearing, or at least feel good in it. When you feel comfortable and powerful in your clothes knowing that’s what you should be wearing, you can fully focus on what you have to say.

Don’t: Go For High Heels, Tight Belts, Or Tight Skirts

You can’t be your best self when you’re out of breath or when your skirt keeps riding up when you walk. Items like high heels might make you look taller and sophisticated, but again, you won’t do your best if you’re in pain.

Low heels are the best choice for a job interview. They go perfectly well with a formal look and are comfortable to walk in. Be sure to try your looks on at least a day before the interview if you want to avoid issues on the big day.

Do: Make Sure You Look Fresh And Neat

Putting on your best face means looking presentable with little effort. The products you use on your face and hair can enhance your overall look by making you look refreshed and well-rested. Using natural creams and cleansers will bring better results since they’re gentle on the skin. Be sure to arrive to your big day with a natural glow!

Don’t: Overdo Your Hair Or Makeup, And Don’t Wear Too Much Cologne

No matter how good, strong smells are distracting. Heavy makeup is distracting, and so is an unusual hairdo.

For an interview, wear a mild scent or only a deodorant. Only wear makeup to cover up blemishes and enrich your natural beauty, like a sheer foundation, a bit of concealer, a few strokes of mascara and a neutral lipstick. As for your hair, keep it down and simple, or put it in a nice bun.

If that was too much to take in, don’t sweat it. The more job interviews you attend, the more acquainted you’ll get with the work wardrobe and start making lasting impressions.

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