The Frump Finder – 6 Tips For Switching Up Your Style This Summer

Here comes the sun, and it’s time to ditch the layers that you have been hiding beneath and rediscover the fine figure the layers have been hiding all along! Lovingly fold away your Merino Snug for next season and why not take a chance this summer and try something different? Here are six tips to help you switch up your style this summer.

The Frump Finder   6 Tips For Switching Up Your Style This Summer

  1. It Doesn’t Need to be About Clothes

Updating your style doesn’t need to have anything to do with your wardrobe, you can do a whole lot by just starting with your body. Switching up how you cut or style your hair is a great thing to experiment with if you are wanting a new look. Also, adapting your makeup style and adding a nail colour can completely change your vibe and you may find you no longer feel the need to revamp your wardrobe at all. If there has been something you have wanted to try for a while, why not give it a go this summer!

  1. Try Different Ways to Wear the Same Item

Another way to switch up your style is to experiment with new ways to showcase items you already have in the closet. For example, there are several ways to wear that white button down:

  • Undone with a bold tank or cute bralette underneath
  • Tied instead of buttoned
  • Buttoned all the way with a statement necklace
  • Neat and traditionally

Most clothes have some versatility if you think about it creatively so explore your own cupboards before you hit the stores.

  1. Add Accessories

Accessories are a great way to change a look, even the addition of one piece to an outfit can make all of the difference. Jewelry is always a great option but if you are really looking to adjust your style, something more defining might be what you need. Try adding belts, hats, scarves, bows or different shoes into your repertoire, it could change everything!

  1. Draw From Another Era

This season designers are drawing inspiration from almost every era.

So, if you are a fan of certain elements from the sixties right through to the nineties, the time to go retro glam is now! More and more fashion is becoming very freeform and moving away from rigid rules so if you feel like you are rocking it then you are doing the right thing.

  1. Embrace Decorative Bras and Cropped Tops

One trend that is making a strong statement again this season is decorative and visible bras.

They are no longer something you need to make sure is hidden but just one more fun piece to layer in for a more dynamic look. Whether you are just showing some strap or going the whole way with a bralette it is definitely something you should try. Crop tops are also a continuing trend, they are a tasteful way for people of all sizes to show a little skin.

  1. Be Bold With Colour and Pattern

If you are looking for a change this summer and you are never that adventurous with colour you should just go for it this season! You can start slowly by bringing in a splash of colour with an accessory or two or you can dive in at the deep end and buy a block colour or full print dress! Let the new you be brave and bold!

A new style is always a fun experiment and there is no reason not to try new things.

This summer you should embrace healthy change and see what a new style brings out in you! Your best accessory is always confidence so as long as you feel fab when you step out you will always get great feedback.

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