The Journey of Selecting an Engagement Ring

As recent as the 19th century, the iconic engagement ring of the modern era had its beginning and was not always a sign of undying love, it was more or less the first part of the bride price payment to be paid to the family of the bride, but handed over and worn by the bride.

It was a kind of protection given for the woman, in the event that the prospective partner that was always the man at that time disbanded the union, sacrificing the virtue of the woman and appealing to other men.

The Journey of Selecting an Engagement Ring

Selecting an Engagement Ring

Let your beautiful ring of diamonds symbolise your love journey. You’ll be mesmerised by the sparkling collections at most of the accredited online jewellery stores, whether you select a classic diamond solitaire, a sparkling three-stone ring or a sprinkle of diamonds to create a cluster.

Our easy steps give you a chance to build your favourite diamond engagement engagement ring today has now become the status quo of marking yourself as somebody who is already taken and ready for marriage, but have you ever played and thought about its past with the rock or band on your hand?


One can visit several online jewellery stores to design a magnificent diamond engagement ring. By just following simple steps, they allow you to build your custom engagement rings.

Customers can pick any approved diamond and have it studded on a gold ring or platinum ring. You can give any of these rings your personal touch, whether it be a diamond engagement ring, a platinum engagement ring or an emerald engagement ring.

In order to make an engagement ring, it is actually fun to apply your artistic acumen. In your diamond ring, you will tell the designer about what you really want to see. You just have a gift engagement ring once in your life, after all. And these engagement rings often become important family rings and move from one generation to the next.


You can design diamond engagement rings of your own. Make it intimate, nostalgic and entertaining.


When it comes to choosing stone, following are the available options.

  1. Of all the rings, a solitaire ring is considered the most suitable symbol that can represent your love. The Solitaire appeal is incomparable. In a prong setting with 4 to 8 claws, diamond solitaire rings are set.
  2. Most of the prongs can be seen in platinum, yet another very lovely and desirable metal. In most cases, since it is normally thin, platinum is taken into account and makes the diamond quite noticeable.
  3. Then another type of diamond engagement ring is available, which is both attractive and romantic. It is known as the potential ring of the past and present. Such rings characterise love as timeless and everything that was in the past will be in the present and in the future will be there. In fact, the ring consists of three diamond stones.
  4. The design of the ring may be like a diamond centerpiece with two pieces around it, or three diamond pieces clustered together. One type of commitment ring, which is stylish, is also the side stone diamond engagement rings.
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