The Meaning Behind the Yellow Rose

When it comes to flowers, roses remain the most popular in the world. Of course, there are numerous colors of roses with each representing different feelings and emotions. If you have ever bought roses for a friend or a significant other, you will know that there are wide color schemes to choose from. Although roses are regarded as flowers that express love, the truth is that each rose color has a distinct meaning and message it sends across to the receiver. In this guide, we will look at the meaning behind the yellow rose. We will also explore the best occasions to give the gift of yellow roses to a friend or loved ones. Before then, let’s look at a little of the history of yellow roses.

The Meaning Behind the Yellow Rose

Where did Yellow Roses Come From?

Historically, roses originated from the Northern Hemisphere about 32 million years ago. These roses were mainly pink, which was typical of regions like the Middle East, America, and Europe. These colors range from pastel pink to fuchsia and with time, white roses came into focus. Other roses, including the yellow variant, were not discovered until much later.

It was reported that the yellow roses came into existence in the 18th century and were discovered by the Europeans in South East Asia and Afghanistan. With time, they began to grow yellow roses in Europe and different experiments were carried out, which include creating hybrids between European roses and yellow roses. Today, yellow roses have become popular and it has taken the meaning of its own.

What does the Yellow Rose Symbolize?

The yellow color is very cheerful and vibrant and it is not surprising that it has been associated with warmth, happiness, joy, and optimism over the decades. Although some people associate the color with jealousy, its liveliness symbolizes more of sun, brilliance, and golden. For superstitious people, the color yellow is believed to be a color of bad luck. However, a larger percentage believes that it symbolizes harmony, joy, and optimism. Over the years, yellow roses have been used to symbolize strong friendship. This is why yellow roses are usually given to friends because it is believed that yellow has a strong positive energy that can strengthen a relationship during difficult times.

Also, the yellow color is associated with half of the brain that is responsible for communicating and expressing feelings. Color is often used during meditation and it is believed to help clarify ideas. Since it is connected with the power of expression and words, a yellow rose is a good gift to someone you may be having issues with.

When can you give Yellow Roses as a Gift?

Yellow roses can be given as a gift at any time. When you need to express the feeling of gratitude and joy, you can choose a bouquet of yellow roses as a gift. Thanks to their significance, yellow roses are also the perfect gifts on different occasions, like a relative or friend’s birthday or a welcome home party for a relative or friend. It is important to point out at this point that yellow roses are not the best flower to win the love of anyone. If you want to express your love interest for someone, red roses or pink roses would be the best. This is because the yellow roses are more linked to the feeling of friendship, which is different from the feeling of love, sensuality, and passing.


Yellow roses are beautiful and they signify warmth, happiness, joy, gratitude, and friendship. They are also regarded as a powerful symbol that enhances communication. This means they can be given to anybody that you feel warmth towards.

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