Can Your Pillow Improve Your Posture And Benefit Your Fashion Sense?

The closest relationship you may ever have in your life is that between you and your pillow. After all, you do sleep and wake up next to them every single day. Finding the perfect pillow partner is almost as important as finding a romantic one.

The way you sleep has a notable impact on your posture, and your pillow contributes heavily to your sleeping position. If you’re sleeping with a wrongly-sized pillow, your neck won’t be able to relax in a neutral or natural position. Over time, this will result in a misalignment of your spine and affect your posture negatively.

Can Your Pillow Improve Your Posture And Benefit Your Fashion Sense?

Moreover, your posture has a significant impact on your sense of fashion. Almost everyone in the fashion world knows that the secret to rocking a stunning outfit is to carry it with a perfect and balanced posture. To achieve that ideal posture and look fashionable, you must be aware of the pillow that you use for sleeping.

For better understanding, here are some ways in which the right pillow can improve your posture and benefit your sense of fashion.

  1. Pillow for Side Sleepers

Sleeping on your side is the most common sleeping position. This is simply because it’s the most intuitive and comfortable way to sleep. For side sleepers, your pillow must be able to support your head and neck to maintain your spine’s natural horizontal line. A thicker pillow will match better in this kind of position.

If you’re experiencing shoulder pain while sleeping on your side, it’s best to place a firm or memory-foam pillow under your shoulder blades. There are other options of pillow for shoulder pain, which you can choose from. Make sure to pick one that doesn’t sink or lose shape too quickly, to avoid further shoulder pain.

Don’t worry about using too many pillows during sleep. The important thing is keeping your spine straight and maintaining a balanced posture, even in your sleep.

  1. Pillow for Back Sleepers

Sleep experts recommend back sleeping, since this position allows your back to rest comfortably. Plus, many people find this position the easiest to do when recovering from spine surgery or suffering from back pain.

The most recommended pillow for back sleepers is the thinner low-loft pillow. Your pillow height is lower than the side sleeper’s pillow. You only have to elevate your head to achieve a neutral position for your spine and neck. Plus, you’ll also need a thin pillow to fill the space between your back and the mattress.

Avoid using a pillow too thin, as it results in an awkward and uncomfortable downward position of your neck. This will only cause you neck pulls and strains.

It’s also best to put another pillow beneath your knees. This will flatten the lumbar curve, alleviate any back strain and ease the facet joints’ pressure.

  1. Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

To put it simply, avoid sleeping on your stomach. You’ll definitely feel something in the morning. This may be the most stressful position for your neck and back. Doctors even advise recovering patients to avoid this sleeping position, as it could only worsen their condition.

However, if sleeping in your stomach is what you prefer to do, use a low-loft or flat pillow so that your neck and head aren’t strained. Thick pillows (like most traditional pillows) will only force the spine and neck to unnaturally bend upward.

Better yet, your head must rest directly on the mattress to keep your spine and head’s natural alignment. It’s also recommended that you place another flat pillow under your pelvis or abdomen to support your lower back.

  1. Pillow for Combination Sleepers

This category is for people who sleep in various positions. It’s best for combination sleepers to use a pillow with lower areas and higher areas for side and back sleeping. A buckwheat pillow may best fit the situation; this pillow has a mix of different fillers that consistently support your neck and head in any sleeping position.

When you know you’re one of this kind, please avoid using the traditional all-purpose pillow, as they don’t support your neck and head when sleeping in either of the positions.

Wrapping Up

It may seem impossible for you to control your sleeping position, since you’re not awake to notice. But regardless, make sure that your spine, head and neck are comfortably aligned for better posture and top-quality sleep.

The quality of your pillow influences your overall posture and balance. A proper posture indicates confidence, and sets a tone for sophisticated body language, while slouching shows shyness and diffidence no matter what you’re wearing. A body with an upright posture can carry any fashion and be comfortable with it.

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