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Tips for Dressing Over and Around Medical Equipment

No matter who you are or what phase of life you’re in, you may need medical equipment to function at your best. Some people get embarrassed that others can see them wearing and using medical equipment such as back braces, canes, and oxygen concentrators. However, there’s no reason to feel uncomfortable. We all need some help to live our best lives; for some of us, that help is medical equipment.

Tips for Dressing Over and Around Medical Equipment

If you’re worried that prominent pieces of medical equipment will distract from your outfit, don’t. We have helpful tips for dressing over and around medical equipment so you can wear what you love, feel great, and keep your eyes on your outfit instead of your aid.

Plan Ahead

Dressing around a medical condition or with medical equipment in mind takes a bit more forethought. Don’t let the need for forethought discourage you from planning a great outfit, though. Take the time to consider what your body and equipment need to function well, and then examine what you have in your closet. For example, if you need to wear a back brace under or over your clothes, there are some things you need to consider. Will you need to adjust the brace during the day? Do certain materials tend to stick to the brace? Choose clothes that give you the access you need and won’t stick.

Match Your Equipment

If one of the goals of your outfit is to hide or distract from your medical equipment, then consider choosing colors and prints that match it. For example, consider investing in darker bottoms if you need to walk with a black cane. You could choose a loose black skirt, dark-wash jeans, or something in between. Make sure you love the items you’re buying, not just matching your equipment, and continue following our online shopping guide or exploring the rest of the store. Fashion is about personal expression, so you should use your clothes to express yourself even if you’re also using them to accommodate your aid.

Wear What Feels Good

Wearing what feels good sounds like an obvious part of wearing clothes. We seldom choose clothes that make us uncomfortable unless they’re for a specific reason, such as a special pair of shoes for a wedding. However, many people with chronic medical conditions that require equipment aid struggle with their general health. For example, if you’re an oxygen user with tubing and cannulas that are already causing facial and nasal irritation, you don’t want the tag of your shirt rubbing your back too. When shopping, pay attention to details such as itchy tags and buy clothes you’ll always feel comfortable and good in.

Dressing over and around medical equipment isn’t easy, but we hope these tips help you confidently do so. Give yourself plenty of grace as you learn how to use your equipment and how to dress with it. Most of your wardrobe items should still work despite the equipment addition, but if they don’t, you can always use this as an excuse for a fun shopping spree.

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