Top Mattress Guide for New Home Owners

The excitement and joy of being a new homeowner are overwhelming, and they hardly compare to anything else. The moment you bought your new house, you’ll start turning it into a real home, because, as they say, “home is where your story begins.”

A highly enjoyable challenge for new homeowners is to set up the bedroom, that particular space where we spend a considerable part of our life. It’s not always simple to come up with the perfect theme to represent both partners, but keep in mind that it’s essential for you to focus on the practical aspects when designing this room and when choosing its furniture.


Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for being inventive and thinking outside the box, especially when it comes to space which is supposed to help you sleep well and feel relaxed. Nevertheless, logical reasoning doesn’t interfere with creativity; as a matter of fact, all it does is being the necessary foothold for it. For that purpose, here are a few useful guidelines for you to consider when looking for the best top mattress to complete your new home:

Sleeping position

Think of the way you (and your partner) sleep. The positions you favor during the night are a crucial factor especially if you’re dealing with sleep apnoea. You need distinct levels of firmness depending on how you rest – on your back, on your side or your stomach. Two partners may have two completely different requirements, so you’d better check out those fantastic new mattresses featuring dual functioning.

Long lasting fabrics

Try finding out what materials were used in the making of the mattress you like. You certainly don’t want to purchase a product which will break down in a few months! Top mattresses are usually made of durable materials, such as memory foam, latex, hybrid or gel-infused components. You could also go for natural or organic elements, which are more eco-friendly – and a significant trend these days.

Size, design and extra features

My advice is to get a bigger mattress from the beginning: it will offer you the space you need to get a peaceful rest and, thus, it will keep harmony in the bedroom. The colors and design may be as shocking as you wish them to be, but make sure you look at the additional features, such as Celliant technology, cooling systems, Dual-zone firmness levels, adjustable position, etc. Accessories such as smart covers or extra-support pillows may profoundly improve your slumber experience, so you should include them as well.


I can’t underline enough the need for thorough research when shopping for the perfect mattress. Take all the previous factors into consideration; establish a generous budget for the purchase (after all, it’s a long-term investment in your well-being). Then, start reading product reports especially on unbiased websites (the ones which don’t sell mattresses) – for instance, check out Try Mattress – highest quality reviews of all top models and brands on the market. Also, don’t forget to search for various mattress deals as they can make your purchase a lot easier.

Trial period and return policy

Shopping online is a great option nowadays, even for buying a mattress. In this case, you should focus on two vital aspects: the trial period and the return policy. Most online retailers offer a time interval for you to try on the mattress and decide if it’s what you wanted. Make sure that you understand the terms of the return policy because this will be utterly important in case you are not happy with your choice. Also, look at the warranty offered by the manufacturer of the product and the terms of delivery. You are about to invest in the quality of your future life, thus all those details matter for your final choice.

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