Useful Homemade Remedies For Toe Nail Fungi

Those who suffer from toe nail fungi know how boring they can be and how difficult they are cured. It takes a long period of time and lots of patience to get rid of fungi, but you should never give up. There are some pretty useful homemade remedies for toe nail fungi that can help you deal with them.

Listerine and Vinegar

You are all familiar with Listerine, a great mouthwash that contains menthol and thymol. These ingredients are known to have anti-fungal properties, and when you make a mix with vinegar which is acidic, you will get a cure for fungi. Soak your toes in a solution of equal portions of these two and repeat this an hour a day every day.

Useful Homemade Remedies For Toe Nail Fungi


Cornmeal has been used to treat fungi from roses since ancient times, so it’s proven that it has anti-fungal activities. All you have to do is to mix hot water and cornmeal until it turns into a paste, let it cool and then soak your toes in it one hour a week.

Useful Homemade Remedies For Toe Nail Fungi

Baking Soda and Sodium Borate

Fungi don’t flourish into an acidic environment, so the baking soda and the sodium borate are a good cure for them. Sodium borate is also known as borax, and when you combine it with baking soda, you get a remedy that prevents the fungi from spreading and actually cures them. Mix equal portions of baking soda and borax with water in order to make a paste, and rub it on the infected nails twice a day until you see better results.

Useful Homemade Remedies For Toe Nail Fungi

Coconut Oil

The coconut oil consists caprylic acid and has a power to get in the cell walls of nail fungi. If you wan’t to stop the infection and grow healthy nails again, all you have to do is to apply a layer of coconut oil on the infected nail and and let it soak for 15-20 minutes. There are no restrictions when it comes to using the coconut oil, so use it as often as you want unless you are allergic to it.

Useful Homemade Remedies For Toe Nail Fungi

Try these remedies because I really hope that you will get rid from the fungi and that you will grow healthy nails again pretty soon!

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