Useful Ideas On How To Choose The Perfect Fashion Necklaces For Your Date

You’ll never realize the power of choosing the right necklace to go with your outfit until you’ve gone through your entire collection and still have no idea what to wear.

Not to mention that it’s never easy to find what you should wear on a date. There’s just too much to take into consideration — your outfit, make-up, and obviously your accessories.

While it seems silly to worry about what jewelry you’ll wear on a date, remember that your jewelry, especially necklaces, is more than just making your outfit look much more beautiful. It’s a way for you to express yourself and convey specific messages.

For example, wearing a quite noticeable ring on your left-hand ring finger is just as bad as wearing a cheap, plastic choker. Not to mention the stakes are much higher when it’s your first date.

But don’t fret, because we’re here to help you choose the perfect fashion necklace for your date. Here are some useful tips and tricks in making the right and lasting impression on your date through your daily wholesale jewelry collections.

Useful Ideas On How To Choose The Perfect Fashion Necklaces For Your Date

  1. Let Your Features Shine

Here’s the thing, there’s really no rulebook when it comes to choosing the right necklace for your date. But, you’ll know that you made the wrong decision.

So the first thing that you need to stick to when choosing the right necklace is to let it accentuate your features properly. You should use your jewelry to draw eyes to your best features.

When choosing a necklace, take note of your face shape. How long your necklace is will help you accentuate or play down your facial features.

The general rule of a thumb is to avoid directly matching your necklace shape with the silhouette of your face. If your face is round, avoid wearing short necklaces or chokers. If your face is elongated, then don’t wear long-chained necklaces. If you want to play it safe you should get something simple and elegant like the heart locket by Chvker Jewelry.

  1. Match It With Your Clothing

Of course, you have to make sure that your necklace will go with your outfit. When it comes to choosing the right necklace, you don’t want it to just simply blend in with your clothes. If you went through the trouble of buying and wearing jewelry, you want them to be noticeable instead of just being in the background. Contrast is important when choosing what to go with your outfit.

Useful Ideas On How To Choose The Perfect Fashion Necklaces For Your Date

There’s an unspoken guideline when it comes to making sure that your necklace won’t clash with your clothes in the worse way possible.

Chokers and other necklaces with shorter chains largely emphasize your neck. So you want to pair it with open-neck clothing like an off-shoulder top or a strapless dress. Other necklines like a scoop, V-neck, sweetheart, and square works well too.

If you want a necklace that’s versatile (regardless of whether you’re wearing a shirt or a dress), go for a necklace that has an 18-inch chain. It’s a pretty common length for a necklace in wholesale necklaces boutiques or fashion jewelry stores so it will be easy for you to locate one and won’t let you down when it comes to styling for your date.

Save your dramatic, longer necklaces for formal evening wear.

  1. Base It Off On What You’re Going To Do

It’s a horror to show up on your date over or underdressed.

So definitely figure out where you’ll have your date. That way, you can decide what’s acceptable or not when it comes to your outfit and jewelry.

Useful Ideas On How To Choose The Perfect Fashion Necklaces For Your Date

If your date wants to keep it a surprise, do a few context clues. If your date is during the day, most likely it’ll be casual, so you don’t want to show up dressed in pearls. If it’s during the evening, you can dig a little deeper by asking the dress code.

For great date jewelry ideas, base it off on what you’re going to do.

If it’s something casual like a dinner and a movie, then you’ll have more leeway on how you’re going to dress and accessorize it. You can’t go wrong with a simple pendant necklace or a chic choker. When you planned to hit every dance floor on your town and go crazy on bar hopping, then don’t be afraid to bring a little edge on your classic LBD with a medium-sized chain necklace.

If it’s a bit of an outdoorsy date, then make sure you bring the environment with you. Go for a softer look when it comes to your necklaces. Get in touch with your cool, hippie vibe and have few wood accents with your necklace.

  1. Don’t Go All In

Sure, we love it when people around us notice our outfits, and the time it took us to come up with it is shown. But, you don’t want to look too much that it’ll send the wrong message.

So maybe hold off on your stacked pearl necklace for the red carpet instead of a date. If you’re really into pearls, wear a pearl pendant necklace instead. Also, don’t follow that temptation to wear multi-layered necklaces with different colors and textures. There are occasions where you have to bring that level of bling and pizazz but certainly not on this event where your date might be too distracted by your jewelry.

Of course, we don’t want to lean into the safer and (possibly) the boring side. Being too matchy-matchy with your jewelry and outfit can be boring if not done properly. Be strategic on choosing your necklace.

  1. Let It Reflect Your Personality

Rules aside, your jewelry including your necklace is a great avenue to show off your personality. After all, your date should like you because you’re you and not because you chose a chandelier necklace over a matinee.

Don’t go too overboard and shop for new necklaces that you think your date might like. Choose jewelry that you’re comfortable wearing and it honestly reflects your style and personality. If you’re a minimalist, go for a simple bar necklace from Jewlr. Give your date an opportunity to get to know the real you through your style.

At the end of the day, your outfit and jewelry that goes with it are something that gives you the confidence you need. So always style up to your preference!

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