Useful Bobby Pins Storing Ideas

Has it happened to you to lose your little Bobby pins? It has happened to many women. And, what is worst they get lost exactly a few moments before you need them. That is really annoying and most women would agree with us. So, it is finally to take action and say goodbye to this problem forever. In this article, we are going to share with you some creative Bobby pins storing ideas. What is the best about these Bobby pins storing ideas is that they are all DIY projects that won’t cost you any dollar.

If you are a DIY project lover, then you will enjoy these insanely adorable Bobby pins storing ideas. You can use these ideas to store all of those needed hair accessories without losing them anymore. Scroll down the page to get inspired. We are sure you will enjoy any of these ideas. Try them and save your time, money, and nerves.

Useful Bobby Pins Storing Ideas source

Use an old tackle or crafts box

Another inspiring hair accessories storing idea is to keep them all in an old tackle box or craft box. You can use them for storing small and big accessories, as well as Bobby pins. Finding your hair accessories will never be easier. This is a really handy project that any woman who wants to keep her hair accessories in one place should try.

Useful Bobby Pins Storing Ideas source

An alternative use for shot glasses

Do you think that shot glasses are reserved only for short serving? You were wrong! Here we are sharing with you some alternative use of those little shot glasses. You can use them as Bobby pins storing items. If you don’t use the shot glasses and just store them in the back of the kitchen cabinet, here is a perfect chance to put them in use again. Whether they are mixed and matched glasses, they make a great holder for Bobby pins and other small hair accessories. If you think that you won’t use the shot glasses as glasses anymore, then you can even decorate or paint them.

Useful Bobby Pins Storing Ideas source

Utilities used jars

Old little jars that you earlier used for salt, paper, and other seasonings are adorable Bobby pin storing ideas. You can easily turn them into all sorts of handy and helpful holders for hair accessories. If you are creative enough, you can paint any of the jars in different colors and store different hair accessories in a different colored jars.

Useful Bobby Pins Storing Ideas source

Keep your old Tic Tac containers and keep Bobby pins in them

Have you heard about the cheapest Bobby pins storing idea ever? Here it is! Don’t you ever throw away those little plastic containers from the popular Tic Tac bonbons? You can use them as portable little holders for Bobby’s pins. They are the perfect way to store your Bobby pins, especially in your handbag. Many women want to have their Bobby pins on hand any time they need to restore their hairstyle, and there is no better idea than this.

Useful Bobby Pins Storing Ideas source

Keep your Bobby pins in containers for paper clips

Do you know those little plastic containers for paper clips? Well, if you don’t need them in the office anymore, here is an alternative use for them in your accessories drawer. You can use this Bobby pins sroting idea and keep these little hair accessories together forever.

Useful Bobby Pins Storing Ideas source

Install a magnetic strip in your bathroom drawer

One of the easiest and most favored of all the Bobby pins storing methods is definitely the one with a magnetic strip. You can use a magnetic strip and place it in a drawer, on the bathroom wall, on shelves, or even window skills.  Place the magnetic strip wherever is most convenient for you. this way you will keep track of these little runways Bobby pins forever.

Useful Bobby Pins Storing Ideas source

An empty lip balm container

Another inspiring Bobby pins storing idea that you will simply adore is to store your Bobby pins in an empty lip balm container. This is the perfect portable Bobby pins storing idea that you can use to take the pins with you in your handbag or even a little clutch. You will keep them without being lost in the mix of the bottom of your handbag. Many women have been there before! But, this is past anymore!

Using the leftover little mints tin

Another way to repurpose your leftover little mints tin is to use them for Bobby pins storing. Check how organized this little tin is with all sorts of handy hair accessories. Storing your Bobby pins has never been easier. You will simply adore this portable storing idea.

Useful Bobby Pins Storing Ideas source

A stylish bow

Are you in for some creative yet stylish Bobby pins storing ideas? Then, you will definitely adore this stylish bow storing idea that we are sharing with you. Bows are really adorable, easy to be done, and definitely in the mood to keep all your Bobby pins in one place.

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