Ways to Make Black Hair Curly

People of African ancestry often have textured hair which is more susceptible to drying out and heat damage. Unfortunately, many of the well-known curling methods do not consider this reality. These curling methods can be harmful or ineffective to black hair. However, there are ways on how to make black hair curly such as hot rollers, which can be pretty easy to use. The necessary effort in this matter will depend on if it is naturally curly or if it’s been chemically relaxed or straightened.

Ways to Make Black Hair Curly

Method #1: Bring Out the Curls Using Gel

First, rinse your hair with shampoo and conditioner. For better results, use a detangling conditioner so that your hair is easier to untangle.

Next, comb it using a with-toothed comb, beginning from the ends. This method is good for naturally curly or kinky hair. It doesn’t work on braids and relaxed hair. Continue brushing your damp hair using a Denman brush to improve the natural curls.

After rinsing, conditioning, and brushing your hair, apply some styling gel to a small part of your hair. Look for a styling gel that brings out curls and uses it to 1/2 to 1-inch sections of your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb to spread the gel evenly to your hair.

Then, stretch out your hair using a comb and begin from the back. Touch a thin section of your hair from your back, right above your nape. Run a Denman brush or a medium-toothed comb through this section from root to tip. Pull your hair strand firmly to make it longer and your curls smoother.

Repeat the process for the remaining hair strands. Begin at the back of your head and finish in front. Spray water to your hair to keep it damp.

After that, dry your hair underneath the hooded dryer and style it. The length of time in drying your hair will depend on the porosity and thickness of your hair. The more porous and thicker your hair is, the more time it needs to dry completely. You can also dry your hair by using a blow dryer. It should have a diffuser. It will help in elongating and setting the curls while dispersing airflow.

Repeat the entire process each time you wash your hair to keep the style. Because of your hair type, avoid rinsing your hair twice or more every week. Washing your hair will remove the style. Your hair will be naturally curly but with less defined curls. Define them once again by repeating the process.

Method #2: Use Flex Rods

Begin with dry and detangled hair. This curling method is effective if you’re switching from relaxed to natural black hair because the curls will help in hiding the inconsistencies between textures. It can also work on relaxed hair or micro box braids. For better results, begin with stretched hair. If your hair is long, divide it horizontally into four sections. Use hair combs or hair clips to secure every section.

Spray water to a small part of your hair on top of your head. Just make it damp and smooth it down using your bristle brush. Don’t wash your hair if you’re starting with braids. To tighten the curls, begin with a ¼ to ½ inch part of your hair.

Wrap your hair over a Flexi rod and bend the tips inward. Put your hair tips against the center of the Flexi rod. Continue wrapping your hair on the rod until you reach the roots. Fold the tips of the Flexi rod inward to keep it secure. If you’re curling braids, don’t do it up to the roots.

Use a smaller Flexi rod or a straw to tighten the curls. Slide the bobby pin over the straw and your hair to keep it secure.

Repeat the process around your head. Work on your head section by section. Let your hair dry with air. If you need to do something else or you want to sleep, cover your head with a silk scarf. To hasten the process, use a hood dryer or hairdryer. Set the dryer to the low-heat mode to prevent your hair from getting damaged. In wrapping Flexi rods on braids, immerse the braids in the boiled water for twenty to thirty seconds first.

Remove the Flexi rods when your hair is already dry. Your hair should be dry before removing the rods. If your hair is still a bit wet, wait longer or use a hairdryer. When removing the rods, split each curl into two or three individual curls using your fingers. It will make your hair voluminous and less frizz. Repeat the entire process when you rinse your hair to keep the style.

Are These Methods Provide Permanent Results?

These methods don’t provide permanent results in most cases. Your hair goes back to normal when you wash it. To keep it, you can still wash your hair as usual and repeat the process. The curls must keep their shape until you wash your hair. You need to redefine them by using Flexi Rods.

For relaxed hair, the curls start losing their shape at the end of the day, like the naturally straight hair. Repeat the curling process to make your hair curly again.

However, the result is permanent for braids. To straighten your braids, just immerse them in hot water, allow them to hang straight, and loose till they dry.

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