What are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

Here’s a question that will unfold a fascinating story you don’t want to miss. We know what a diamond is, of course. But what exactly is a clarity enhanced diamond? How can you change its appearance, and why would you want to?

What are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

Clarity enhanced diamonds first and foremost are natural earth mined diamonds, recovered from the ground like all other diamonds. We’ve heard before that diamonds are rare, and they sure are. Miners tell us that several tons of earth must be moved to uncover 1-carat of rough diamonds. That’s a lot of effort, but when you’ve seen a stunning diamond that takes your breath away, you’ll know it was all worth it.


Most diamonds—nearly all of them in fact—have natural flaws in them when discovered in their natural state. Actually, it’s not a bad thing as some naturally occurring ‘flaws’ help to identify that they are indeed real diamonds. In the jewelry trade, these natural flaws are called inclusions, because—they are included naturally in the rough diamond as found.


After polishing, most diamonds still display their natural inclusions—and that’s where the story takes an interesting turn. Decades ago, some very entrepreneurial diamond experts developed methods for treating natural diamonds in a controlled laboratory environment to remove or reduce the appearance of their inclusions. The result? A diamond that previously had little sparkle or brilliance—was transformed into top-notch head turning diamonds. Clarity enhanced diamonds appear as higher color and higher clarity on the grading scale that measures their quality characteristics after treatment.


Some of the natural inclusions that are eliminated or lightened are dark spots of carbon, and thin lines, which are referred to as feathers. Other inclusions that can be treated are minute needle-like flaws. To the naked eye, not all of these natural flaws look noticeable, but the overall effect of these inclusions can make a noticeable reduction of brilliance or even a lower color grade on the stone.  Clarity enhancement removes these imperfections and the stone takes on a spectacular new vibe! They are ready for the runway and will bedazzle the pickiest diamond fan.


This state-of-the-art technology seems nothing short of miraculous–at least that’s what owners of clarity enhanced diamonds say. A clarity enhanced diamond owner is the only one who knows their diamond has been given this beauty treatment. So, the clarity enhanced diamond may look like one costing tens-of-thousands of dollars more than what they actually paid.


This remarkable technology lifts the appearance of each diamond to what it can be in its perfect state—not in the way it was found in the ground. Thanks to the inspired persistence of scientists who understand a diamond’s nature, these advancements allow diamond consumers today to own a stunning diamond they only dreamt of years ago.


If you love large. impressive diamond jewelry, you won’t want to miss looking at a clarity enhanced diamond array. These will make you feel like a red-carpet celebrity and you’ll be the envy of all your friends. You already know that when you wear large diamonds, someone is bound to ask “is that a real diamond?” And you’re going to proudly say, “why, YES, it is!”


The benefit of clarity enhanced diamonds includes getting a genuine earth mined stone and being able to proudly show off your ‘real diamond’. Another benefit of course is that you will be able to purchase a much larger—whiter, and higher-appearing clarity stone than you ever dreamed possible. The attractive price points of clarity enhanced diamonds make shoppers of every budget, from modest to extravagant, find the ring of their dreams, all from the clarity enhanced collection of diamonds.

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