Best Professional Easy-to-Use Hair Shears in 2021

Being confined to our own four walls for the past few months has taught us many new things. Some of us undertook baking as a way of passing the time, and others decided it’s the right time to teach ourselves an underemphasized life skill — cutting hair. With the pandemic-related regulations, learning how to cut hair at home is a valuable skill that will not only save your hair in a matter of moments, but it will also make you more independent, without having to rely on hairdressers for each and every cut.

Best Professional Easy to Use Hair Shears in 2021

If you’ve never tried learning how to cut your own hair, now might be a better time than ever to give it a shot. It’s a valuable skill to possess that will surely save you when there’s no time to make a last-minute appointment, and the date night is fast approaching. However, before you decide to open up your kitchen drawer and grab that pair of scissors you use to open boxes, think twice. If you’re going to start your journey with cutting your own hair, it begins with getting the proper equipment. That’s why we recommend acquainting yourself with a pair of professional Scissor Tech shears that will help you achieve that catalog hairstyle.

We’ve composed a list of the best professional, easy-to-use hair shears that will become an irreplaceable tool to help you achieve that dream haircut.

Left or Right Handed?

As with all professional equipment, you should be able to handle it confidently. That’s why it’s more important than ever to choose the correct shears, adapted to your hands, to minimize any discomfort while using them for a prolonged period.

You shouldn’t just use the first best shears you find; it’s your hair we’re talking about, after all. To achieve the most precise cut with the highest comfort of use, we highly urge you to use shears specifically designed to fit your hand. That may mean using left-handed scissors if you’re naturally left-handed. You can find a wide variety of professional left-handed scissors online, and ensure that the comfort of your hand allows you to achieve your desired results.

Thinning Shears

Thinning shears are a must if you want to give your hair the contrasting and layered look that will make it look stylish and professionally done (even though you may have done them yourself).

These kinds of shears are specifically designed to have ergonomically shaped, smaller teeth blades that will be able to give your hair a well-defined look. If you’re looking for thinning shears, make sure to invest in a pair of quality stainless steel scissors that will provide your hair with a precise, layered cut that will impeccably flow along the rest of your hair.

Those specialized scissors are a great addition to your standard set of shears, as they allow you to achieve a textured look that suits a number of today’s most modern hairstyles.

Oh, and just like you would do with a regular set of shears, make sure you choose a specific handset model that will provide you the most comfort while styling your hair.

Swivel Scissors

Cutting hair can be a timely process, and with that, may bring discomfort to your hands. Swivel scissors are the perfect solution for your sore hands, as they’re specifically designed to relieve some of the stress put on your palms when cutting hair. With the specific design that incorporates a rotating thumb ring, you can give your precious hands some rest by offering them some flexibility.

In addition to that, they’re also a great tool if you have shorter hair and are trying to achieve a more precise cut near your hair’s roots. With their flexible positioning in your hand, you can perform a precise cut without having to give your hands a gymnastics lesson that even the most professional Olympic athletes would have trouble completing.

Long Bladed vs. Short Bladed Shears

Shears come in all shapes and sizes to guarantee the most precise haircut for your hair. Long bladed shears are a perfect tool if your hair has a lot of volume, or if it is aligned in a straight line, and that’s the way you would want to keep them. They can cut a larger portion of your hair in a single cut, therefore, minimizing the chances that the hair will be cut unevenly. With the straight cutting lines that long-bladed shears are specialized in conducting, you can rest assured that your hair will not be looking crooked, and the cut is evenly distributed.

On the other hand, short-bladed shears are a much better option if you’re just beginning your journey with cutting hair. They’re much more lightweight and will not cause your hands to be in excessive fatigue if used for a prolonged period. Short bladed shears are our recommendation for both shorter haircuts and longer ones that don’t have to be straight as a line. They will achieve a precise slice and detailed cuts if appropriately used, making your hair go from “not” to “hot”.


Getting started on your journey with cutting hair may be an exciting yet scary process at times. Make sure to acquaint yourself with a pair of quality shears that will allow you to achieve the precise haircut you might want to achieve. Remember that when cutting hair, it’s always easier to cut off more than add even a little bit, so our recommendations for beginners would be to take it slow and chop off inch by inch. You may discover soon how easy it is to cut off your hair, and the closed hair salons won’t seem as scary as they once did.

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