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Helping Tips On How To A Choose Handbag As A Professional

Hello ladies! Is a handbag your favorite accessory too? If yes, stay with us, because in this article we are going to present to you everything you need to know about making the right choice of a handbag. Read how to choose a handbag, having in mind its size, material, color…Women can simply not imagine their outfit without adding a handbag on. That is why most of the women pose tens of differently shaped and sized bags. Because every handbag has its own story! And, every handbag can’t fit all the outfits, so you need to have more of them for every occasion. How to choose a handbag for your outfit without making mistakes? Read these helping tips that will show you how to choose a handbag as a professional. Remember, a handbag has to be personalized, stylish, and practical. Take this in mind always when you buy a new handbag. It must represent who you really are more than it needs to be following the latest trends.

1. Try it on!

Rule number one when choosing a handbag is to never buy a handbag without trying it. It may seem crazy to you, but would you buy pants without trying them? You wouldn’t right? Then why buy a handbag that way? You may fall in love with some handbag at first sight, but once you try it on, you realize that it is not suiting you the right way. People are different: their weight, their height, their body shape, the skin, the hair… everything. So, when buying a new handbag always try it on and look yourself in the mirror. Once you do it, think do you like its structure, the details such as the pockets or the zippers, the color, the material… Then, try to imagine how it will look on you, which outfits you will wear it with, how you will feel while wearing it. If you consider all this in mind when buying a handbag, believe us, you will find the perfect one for you.

Right size: what size of the bag to choose?

People have different tastes and preferences. One thing to consider on your “how to choose a handbag” journey is the material of the handbag. Some women like leather, others prefer textile or synthetics. Once you choose the material you want, choose the right size. It is essential! As important as choosing the right size of dress or pants! The wrong sized bag can make the parts of your body look less attractive, as well as the cloths can. The right bag size will prettify your silhouette and make you look stylish.

Helping Tips On How To A Choose Handbag As A Professional source

Extra tip: If you have small height, don’t buy very big handbags. On contrary, if you are tall, then avoid buying micro-bags.

Right model: which model of a handbag will suit you?

Once you choose the right size for you, consider the importance of choosing the correct model of a handbag too. Always choose the one that perfectly matches your figure and personality. Here is a simple rule to follow: choose the form of a bag that is opposite the lines of your body. For example, if you are tall and slim, choose round or square forms of a handbag. If you are small and full-figured, then extended and rectangle bags will be a great option for you. Create a visualization contrast: that is the secret!

Helping Tips On How To A Choose Handbag As A Professional source

Center of attention: which part of the body you want to underline?

Always have in mind that the bag underlines the parts of the body that it is close to. If you are wearing a shoulder bag on the belt, then you will emphasize your waist. This kind of bag is not recommended for those having a wide beltline. A bag that you carry in the hand will underline them. So, always make sure to have a well-designed manicure. It is even more important especially on the occasions when you are in an evening dress, holding the clutch in your hands. Avoid wearing such a bag when having broken nails, unattractive fingers, etc. The crossbody handbag which is worn diagonally on the body will emphasize your breasts. It is not recommended for women who have too big or too small breast size.

Helping Tips On How To A Choose Handbag As A Professional source

Color and style: will the handbag match your wardrobe and style

The color can project an important message to the outer world. That is why it is so important to choose the right color for a handbag. Always try to ensure that the color of the handbag will match most of the colors of the clothes you are wearing. Also, analyze the frequency of wearing the handbag with what you have in the wardrobe. Try to choose neutral and common colors such as black, grey, red, blue, or beige. They are easy to combine with other colors and will make it easier for you to style later.

Helping Tips On How To A Choose Handbag As A Professional source

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