Wedding Ring Tattoo: All The Pros And Cons To Consider In Mind

The tradition of exchanging wedding rings symbolizes enduring love. Wedding rings signifies one of the most memorable milestones of people’s life. But, nowadays more and more couples choose wedding ring tattoo instead of the expensive brands and bling. The concept is similar in its meaning as well as exchanging wedding rings anyway. Instead of expressing love with extremely expensive wedding rings, new couples decide to demonstrate their love and eternal devotion by choosing matching wedding ring tattoos.

Tattoos are forever! They can’t be lost as wedding rings (which is a so often case!). Having them on your finger, you will let the world know that you are both taken. If you are getting married soon, you may be interested in adding a little adventure to your path together. Start it with a tattoo that will last forever, as proof of your love. If you are not convinced yet, read the article below. You will find anything you need to know about wedding ring tattoos: pros and cons. You can also consider removal methods like Denver laser tattoo removal to widen your knowledge on tattoos and removals.

Considering inking yourself one of them? All the pros and cons are presented below:

Pros: A wedding ring tattoo minimizes drama

Can you imagine losing your diamond wedding ring? All the drama that will be when you realize you can’t find your wedding ring anywhere? A wedding ring tattoo will minimize all that drama. There is absolutely no way of losing your wedding ring tattoo ever. Unless you lose your entire hand, in which case you need to consider your life choices! You can’t misplace the ring tattoo as it may occur with your wedding ring.  There is no way to drop it on the locker-room floor. You can’t accidentally throw it in the garbage. It will stay with you forever and ever.

Wedding Ring Tattoo: All The Pros And Cons To Consider In Mind source


Cons: Tattoos  can fade over time

Love can fade too, right? So, fading wedding ring tattoo is not even that bad. Anyway, one thing you need to be warned of when planning to make wedding ring tattoos is that as time passes by; there is a big chance for it to fade. Blame it on sweat, sunshine, and the fact that the skin of your fingers is far thinner than on the other parts of your body. Also, people spend a lot of time washing their hands, so the big amount of water can also contribute to tattoo fading.

Pros: Your wallet will thank you

Engagement rings can cost you a fortune. The average price of a customized wedding ring can run between $2,500 to $6,000. It is a bit much more than an average couple can afford. To compare, a wedding ring tattoo can cost you around $50 to $300. Can you see the difference? It is basically chump change, right?

Wedding Ring Tattoo: All The Pros And Cons To Consider In Mind source

Cons:  Prepare for pain

Love can hurt sometimes. That is exactly what happens when you decide to ink yourself a wedding ring tattoo. Fingers are one of the most excruciating places you can get a tattoo on. There is so little fat up in the fingers to soften the blow, so prepare for pain. Inking a finger tattoo can be painful, but fortunately, it is quite small, so it will likely be finished quickly. And, you will get through it. You are strong, and you can endure it. And, once everything is finished, the resulting tattoo is definitely worth all the pain.

Tip: Remember, pain is more psychical than physical, so when inking a wedding ring tattoo, think of all the golden moments spent with your loved one. The pain will be far smaller!

Pros: A wedding ring tattoo won’t get in the way of your work and hobbies

A wedding ring, especially one with a bigger stone, can become a serious nuisance for your lifestyle and profession. If you are a kayaking addicted person, consider that water can temporarily shrink your hands. This way it can become easier for your wedding ring to get lost to the fathoms. And, that can, unfortunately, lead to many drama and spots at home that we all want to avoid, right? Some jobs, such as those in the food or medical industry won’t let you wearing your wedding ring while working. It is also harder to play some sports like basketball or baseball while wearing a stone engagement ring. A wedding ring tattoo on the other hand won’t cause any similar problems.

Wedding Ring Tattoo: All The Pros And Cons To Consider In Mind  source

Cons: A wedding ring tattoo can potentially harm your career

A wedding ring tattoo can potentially harm your career, especially if you are having a more serious profession. People are still a little skeptical when they see other people having tattoos on their bodies. It is inked on your finger, which is one of the parts of the body that are most visible, so it is impossible to hide the tattoo. If you are a lawyer, or a doctor, or something similar, you probably don’t want to go down the negative response to people over your tattoo. If you want people to take you seriously, you won’t probably let any visible tattoo on your body, even a small wedding ring one.

Wedding Ring Tattoo: All The Pros And Cons To Consider In Mind source

Tip: you can still have your wedding ring tattoo, simply if it can be easily hidden beneath a real ring. It may cost you more having both the tattoo ring and the real engagement ring, but if you are really keen on having one, it may help!

However, if you are an artist or something similar to this kind of creative profession, you can still consider inking a wedding ring tattoo on your finger without any problems related to your job.

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