What’s That Sizzling Sound? 4 Common Flat Iron Mistakes

Putting your best foot forward when it comes to your physical appearance is important. A lot of work will usually go into maintaining your outward appearance. Your hair is one of the most noticeable features you have. If you are trying to tame your wild mane, then investing in professional flat irons is a great idea. You may be surprised to learn just how many different flat irons there are on the market. Without a great deal of research, you will struggle to make the right choice on which flat iron to purchase. Once you have the right flat iron in hand, you will have to learn how to use it. The following are just some of the most common flat iron mistakes that can really damage your hair if you are not careful.

 What’s That Sizzling Sound? 4 Common Flat Iron Mistakes

  1. You Ignore the Description on the Flat Iron Box

When searching for the right flat iron, you need to read the box it comes in thoroughly. The main thing to take note of when reading the box is what the plates are made of. You will often see words like ceramic, titanium or even tourmaline when looking at these boxes. Generally, flat iron plates that are made from ceramic will heat up more evenly and quickly. The flat irons that you find that are labeled ceramic plated are actually metal plates that will heat up unevenly. This lack of consistency can lead to a variety of problems and can cause a lot of damage to your hair.


  1. The Flat Iron Doesn’t Have a Temperature Button

Being able to properly regulate the temperature on the flat iron you are using is important. If there is not temperature button on the iron, you run the risk of damaging your hair due to the heat being too high. When purchasing a flat iron with a temperature button, you need to be aware of the heat settings you are using. Most of the flat irons on the market will go up to 450 degrees, but this is not the temperature you need to use. In order to find the right temperature setting for your particular hair type, you will have to do a bit of experimentation. Starting with the lowest heat setting and increasing it gradually is important. Over time, you will be able to find the right settings to get your straight without doing damage in the process.

What’s That Sizzling Sound? 4 Common Flat Iron Mistakes

  1. Never Use Your Flat Iron on Damp Hair

Most people choose to style their hair when they get out of the shower. If you try to use your flat iron on damp hair, it will only result in problems and a lot of damage. The best thing you can do before using a flat iron is to blow dry your hair. The drier your hair is, the easier you will find it to get it straight. Learning these types of tricks of the trade will not only help you avoid damage to your hair, it will allow you to get the professional looking results you are after.

What’s That Sizzling Sound? 4 Common Flat Iron Mistakes

  1. Going over the Same Piece of Hair Multiple Time is a Bad Idea

Continually going over the same piece of hair with your flat iron will usually lead to a lot of problems. Usually, spending about ten seconds on each strand of hair is plenty of time to get it straight. Spending any more time than this will usually cause you to fry your hair. The best way to get some guidance on properly flat iron techniques is by working with hair care professionals. These professionals will be able to give you advice that will allow you to avoid these common mistakes with ease.

While using a flat iron will take a bit of time to master, it is well worth the effort you put in. Using this tool the right way will help you achieve the unique and appealing hair style you are looking for.

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