When to visit Mykonos and what you will find

As Mykonos accepts more than 2 million visitors each summer, it becomes really crowded during the peak season. This may discourage some guests from visiting the island during the busiest months of July and August but they would be more comfortable in Mykonos during the side season months. Let’s see what are the pros and cons for each time period of summer on the island.

When to visit Mykonos and what you will find

  • Early summer season (May – June)

Not too crowded yet: If big crowds are not your favorite, then you should consider visiting Mykonos during May or June. Less visitors means easier access to bars and restaurants, lower waiting time and lower prices in renting a Mykonos Villa. It also means that famous beaches can be more pleasant to visit as you can easily find a good spot and get the best service.

Warm weather but not hot: The average temperature in May is 19 °C and in June 23 °C. The sea is also not cold with a water temperature from 19 °C to 22 °C. For visitors especially coming from northern countries this may be the ideal weather to enjoy their vacations in Mykonos.

All the bars and restaurants not opened (in May): Due to low number of arrivals, some businesses decide to remain closed during May. If you prefer more options for dining or drinking you should prefer June.

  • Peak season (July – August)

Perfect weather: The average temperature is 25 – 26 °C and the sea has become a little more warmer, around 24 °C. For most people, this is the perfect weather for their summer vacations. If you want a deep sun tan, choose July, as this month has the most daily sunshine hours (14, when August has 13).

Pretty crowded: This is not always a disadvantage as many visitors like being surrounded by a lot of other people. Moreover, peak season is the favorite time for celebrities and VIPs to visit Mykonos – so if you want to meet some of them this is the best time for you. It will be a problem, though, if you can’t find a sunbed on your favorite beach or if you haven’t booked a table in the fine dining restaurant of your choice. Villa rental in Mykonos is also more expensive during the peak season as the demand rises dramatically.

Full of parties and happenings: If your priority is to explore Mykonos’ intense nightlife, this is the right season for you to visit the island. Most of the events, happenings and parties take place during July and August. Fashion shows, rituals, live concerts, local fairs, private parties can easily be found during these months.

  • End of season (September – Early October)

The warmest sea of all months: The waters have been warming up for you during the whole summer, reaching 24 – 25 °C in September. The average sea temperature in October is 22 °C but in the first 2 weeks of the month the waters will be the same as in July or August. End of season is the perfect time to enjoy long swimming hours or water sports.

Really great weather: It is not as hot as in peak season and you can walk, dance or sunbath a lot easier. There may be a few rainfalls but these will be short and the sun will come out soon. The average temperature in September is 23 °C and 1 – 2 degrees lower in early October.

Many bars and restaurants close: As tourists leave, some of the bars and restaurants close. There will still be many of them open until mid of October but you may not have as many options as in peak season. If you plan to visit a specific bar, club or restaurant you must check its closing date.

Not too crowded: It will be easier for you to walk around the center of the city or to find a good spot on your favorite beach and a good table in a gourmet restaurant. Prices for luxury accommodation and concierge services fall after the end of August so within a budget you can get the best place to stay and the most lavish exclusive services.

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