Why You Need Your Beauty Sleep

Sleep is vital for all sorts of things, including optimal mental acuity and emotional control, but it also affects you on a more superficial level: your beauty. Yes, you can thank or blame your sleep habits for the way you look. The following are some things you might experience with enough sleep or the lack of it.
Why You Need Your Beauty Sleep
Wrinkle Effect

The body repairs itself when you sleep, and one way it does this is by producing collagen. This is a vital ingredient for skin health because it helps promote elasticity, and that prevents sagging or wrinkles. Those who want plump and youthful skin should not skip a good night’s sleep.

The Glow

Another thing that happens when you sleep is a boost in blood flow. The reason this happens is because blood is vital when the body is attempting to repair itself at night. A positive side-effect of good blood flow is a heathy glow under the skin, making you look like magic. You’ll be missing this particular glow and rosy cheeks if you are not sleeping enough.

The Puffy Effect

Perhaps one of the most famous side-effects of missing sleep is puffy eyes. Those dark, puffy circles under your eyes happens because you are not getting enough sleep. In essence, this is happening because you are irritating your eyes by staying up longer than you need to, and that leads to swelling. You can try to sleep more and stay hydrated to combat this problem. Be sure to create a sleep-friendly environment by turning off lights and making sure your bed is comfortable enough to get in the zone though this does mean intense research because there are a lot of beds out there.

Weight Control

Not getting enough sleep can throw off your metabolism, which is not good for anyone who likes to stay in control of their weight. You may actually promote obesity by staying up longer than you need to. Do not let those hours at the gym go down the drain by staying up longer than you need to. Turn off those electronics, and work on creating the perfect sleep environment as mentioned earlier.

Working Products

It should be pointed out that the beauty products you buy depend on a healthy skin complexion. Failing to sleep can lead to all sorts of issues with your skin, such as blotchy skin, which makes it harder to blend in your makeup. Those who use beauty products to repair their skin need to sleep enough so that the products can absorb those ingredients.

Hopefully, these points help you see why sleep is so important. Keep in mind that you will naturally lose water while you sleep, and dehydration can lead to cracks on the skin as well as wrinkles. Try your best to apply a moisturizer before going to sleep, and make sure you drink plenty of liquids when you wake up.


Author Bio: Paige Jirsa- I work with Top10.Today, a shopping comparison site, where we strive to help consumers find the best quality and priced products.

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