Work Style: Choosing a Scrub Set that Suits Your Style and Your Needs

Medical professionals make many difficult decisions every day, but if you’re a doctor or nurse, you probably wouldn’t imagine taking more than a few minutes to choose a new scrub set. The truth, however, is that because your uniform is your constant companion while working, even the smallest details can make the difference between an active, productive workday and an uncomfortable, tiring one.

The right scrub set is that which suits your job capacity, style, and body type perfectly. Below are a few useful pointers that will help you make the best choice.

  1. Quality

Not everyone can afford the most expensive scrubs on the market, but that doesn’t make it acceptable to disregard quality for the cheapest pair in the shop. You won’t have time to bother with lint or loose stitching when you’re rushing to your next shift, so go for one good pair instead of three flimsy, cheap ones.

  1. Neckline

Scrubs come in a wide variety of neck cuts; boat, u-shape, keyhole, snap front, V-neck, and mock wrap, to name a few. When going through the options, pay attention to your upper body type. For instance, u-shapes and mock wraps are excellent for hairy-chested men and busty women, while the V-neck is great for those with athletic frames.

Of course, the neckline you choose should also fit your style. A V-neck won’t suit you if you like to wear a t-shirt underneath your scrub top, and a mock wrap won’t be any good if you want to have a chest pocket. You may want to visit WonderWink Scrub Shop for a more comprehensive look at the different types of necklines on the market.

  1. Length and Fitting

Well-fitting scrubs are the key to feeling comfortable and confident while at work. It is therefore important that you know your measurements when shopping for your new pair. Ideally, the scrubs you buy shouldn’t be so loose that movement is difficult, or so tight that they split. Take the measurements with your regular clothes on to leave enough room for undershirts and long-sleeve tees.

If you’re bottom heavy, you may want to go with a long top that skims over your hips. However, long scrub tops tend to make short wearers even shorter, so ensure you’re getting the right length. As for the pants, keep them around ankle length, and also watch out for the rise. Full figures look excellent in high-waists, while low-rise pants lengthen petite body types.

  1. Functionality

Besides comfort, it is also necessary to consider how useful you want your scrubs to be at your job. Patched scrubs will give you enough space to carry your medical gear and cellphone around, and although cargo pants may slow down your movement, they’re great for keeping everything within reach.

Although 100 percent cotton scrubs are typically considered more durable and breathable than synthetic scrubs, new synthetic fabrics have moisture-wicking properties for a dry, comfortable and flattering all-day fit. Just ensure that the scrubs you pick have at least double seams in high usage areas.

  1. Design

Some hospitals have uniform regulations, but if the rules are a little loose in your institution, you can experiment with different shades and patterns. White and blue are classic colors for scrubs and are the best choices if you want a pair that will go well with every professional look in your wardrobe.

On the other hand, bright orange and yellow tops can work very well in pediatrics, while floral prints, seasonal patterns, and embroideries can be great for showcasing your personality. Just keep your pants and shoes simple enough to balance the look.


Being comfortable and looking good are two factors that contribute significantly to your mood and output at work. As a medical professional, therefore, it is essential that your scrubs suit your body, style, and needs. Let the tips above be your guide to buying the best scrub set for you.

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