Lipstick Tricks You Should Know

Every woman knows the power of perfectly looking lips. There are so many different makeup tricks that will help you get perfect-looking lips. In the article below, we have made a selection of the most helpful lipstick tricks that every woman alive should know. We are sure that these lipstick tricks will help you apply lipstick as a professional. They will also help you make your lips look fuller as well as create lips look that will make an impact.  Scroll down the page and explore all these lipstick tricks and much more.

1. Neutralize to make an impact

Lips come in many shades with some darker than others, regardless of your skin tone. Some women with darker skin tones tend to have darker lips or dark like on the perimeter of the lip area. If you do not like your natural lip color, then you can always use lipstick and neutralize its color. Below we have presented some lipstick tricks that will help you neutralize the color of your lips and make an impact.

Here are the tools you will need for it:

  • Foundation
  • Sponge
  • Powder
  • Puff
  • Lip liner
  • Lipstick

The steps:

  1. First, squeeze a pea-sized amount of foundation into the palm of your hand. Take the sponge and tap it into the foundation to load it up then close your mouth and tap it over the entire lip area.
  2. Tap the puff into the powder to load it up.
  3. Tap all over the lip area.
  4. Use the lip liner to outline and fill the entire lip area.
  5. Finally, use the lipstick to go back over it.
  6. Voila, you are ready to make an impact with your lips look. Don’t forget to smile!

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2. Fall fashion lip translation

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3. From your kitchen … DIY lip scrub

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4. 1-Minute Makeover: Plump Your Pout

Every woman dreams of having fuller lips. Here are some lipstick tricks to get your fuller lips in only a few steps.

  1. First, pick the right tools. This is crucial if you want to achieve a natural-looking full lip. The best is to choose a lipstick formula that is velvety enough to precisely line your lips while still giving you the ability to blur them out as you please. Also, choose a dark pencil lip liner.
  2. Then, use the dark pencil to outline. Before applying the lipstick, line your lips using the deep liner. That will help you camouflage the liner, while still getting the depth of the lipstick color. Also, if you want fuller lips, you can overline the lips by about a millimeter using the same darker lip pencil. This step will help you build the illusion of a plumper pout. 
  3. Use the pencil to shade the corners. Add more dimension around the perimeter of your lips using a red liner. First, fill the top lip with the liner. Then, continue filling the corners and at the end fill only the corners of the bottom lip. Leave the center of the bottom lip open.
  4. Apply the lipstick. Finally, grab the lipstick of your choice in two different shades choose one lighter and one darker of the same color. Start by applying the darker shade all over the lips. Then use a lip brush to diffuse and blend the line into the liner. At the end add a small touch of the lighter shade to the open space on your bottom lip.


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5. Spring Beauty: Ombré Lip Tutorial

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6. DIY yummy lip

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7. Red lipsticks evolved

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8. Make your lips fuller

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9. Increase your mouth

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10. Exfoliate dry lips for a smoother lipstick application with a clean, disposable mascara wand

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11. Repurpose broken eye shadow as a lip color

If your favorite shadow crumbles and you were thinking about throwing it away, then don’t do it! Here is a lipstick trick to try! You can repurpose it as a lip color. Store the broken pieces in a tiny container and then mix what is left with some lip balm on a spoon. Finally, apply your new lipstick and enjoy.

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12. Blot the right way: between applications to make your lip color last longer

Lipstick Tricks You Should Know source

13. Reattach a broken lipstick by melting the end with a lighter and affixing it back to the base in the packaging

Has it happened to you to break your lipstick after a few uses? Do not think about throwing it away! There are some lipstick tricks that will help you reattach the broken lipstick to its base. One of them is by melting the end of the broken part of the lipstick. Use a lighter to melt the end of the broken part and then affix it back to the base in the packaging. Then, melt the two pieces where they meet to fuse them back together. Do not hold the flam on the lipstick too long or you will melt your entire lipstick. Also, be careful because, at the end of the story, you are using flame, so you can burn yourself.

Lipstick Tricks You Should Know source

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