36 Jewelry Organizers You Can DIY

It can sometimes be a bit of a problem to keep your jewelry organized. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are a little bit creative, you can easily make your very own jewelry organizers that matches your jewelry and your style perfectly. You can also  buy a standard jewelry box. But in this case you have to keep your jewelry organized in the standard rooms in the box. When you make your own jewelry organizers, you are free to make it the way you want it. The rooms can match the size of your jewelry and the number of necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. you have.

Women love jewelry. Beautiful wedding rings, chains or earrings will highlight the beauty and complement any style. Often sentimental stories are hidden behind jewelry. Obvious as those associated with love and relationships – enchanted in engagement and wedding rings. And those who tell a family story, hidden in a bracelet or earrings, passed down in the family from generation to generation. Without a doubt, jewelry must be cared for and kept carefully, so that it does not lose its unique qualities. Here are some basic ideas on how to store jewelry.

How To Store Your Jewelry Properly

Once you organize your jewelry, you will finally have a good insight into the collection of everything. Namely, you don’t want the necklaces you bought at the flea market during your last trip to be intertwined, and the rings you’ve had since your high school days in one big pile. In addition, all the earrings you’ve worn in the past couple of seasons are probably very popular again now, given that certain trends are often recycled in fashion. That is another great reason to get down to business and organize all your jewelry. And put these models at the very top of the shelf with fashion accessories.

Cool & Super Easy DIY Jewelry Organizers

All you need to complete your look before going out is your favorite necklace or bracelet or earrings. But when you need to put them on, you can’t find them. Or they are so intertwined with other jewelry, that it takes you the next few hours to untangle them all? Then it’s definitely time to work on organizing your jewelry. So not only will it be easier to get to it at the desired moment, but you will also have a better overview of it. So it will reduce the possibility of losing it.

If anyone knows a thing or two about home organization and things in the home, it’s definitely All For Fashion Design, who came up with these wonderful ideas for organizing and storing jewelry. You probably even have most of it at home, you just need to do some repurposing or if you’re going to buy some elements, it shouldn’t be a blow to your budget.

You just need to be a bit creative and choose which of these DIY jewelry organizers you prefer to make. As you can see in the collection below, you can make jewelry organizers in many different styles. It might also be cheaper for you to make your own DIY jewelry organizers than to buy a standard jewelry box. When you make things yourself, you can choose the materials you prefer. That way you will often find that you have a lot of the materials at home already.


36 Jewelry Organizers You Can DIY

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