Improve Your Hair Care Routine

Every woman has her own hair care routine that helps her hair type look the best way possible. But, sometimes, the wide choice of hair care products makes women choose the wrong ones. Or, you may simply use the right hair care products, but you can fall into the trap of applying them the wrong way. Here, we have selected some common ways to show you how you were applying hair care products the wrong way. Further, we have selected for you some helpful ways to improve your hair care routine in the future.

Four ways you were applying hair care products the wrong way

Most women have their own hair care routine that they practice every day. But, what they don’t know is that sometimes they may be doing it the wrong way. You may apply hair products to your hair, but do you still feel your hair is too bad looking? Here are four common ways how you were applying hair products the wrong way. read how to fix your hair care routine permanently.

1. You’re using way too much moisturizing cream, which can weigh your hair down

Instead of this, you should squeeze a pea- to quarter-size amount of the hydrating leave-in formula, onto one of your palms, and then rub your two hands together so that the product goes through evenly.

Improve Your Hair Care Routine source

2. You hold the nozzle of your hairspray too close to your hair

If you spray your hair too close then you are concentrating the spray only in one spot and the effect will be only there so you should hold a hairspray,  about 12 inches away from your hair, aiming it at an angle so that you get a light mist all over.

Improve Your Hair Care Routine source

3. You spritz salt spray on the top layer of your hair only

To get the full effect of a salt spray, you’ll need to work it into sections.

Improve Your Hair Care Routine source

4. You glob a styling cream onto your roots and work it down the hair shaft

Split your hair down the middle and pull the two sections over each shoulder. “Then, apply a quarter-size amount of styling cream, onto your palms, rub them together, and use your fingers as a comb to rake the product through from the ends upward.

Improve Your Hair Care Routine source

Things to stop doing with your everyday hair care routine

Dilute shampoo and massage for at least 1 minute

Do you just squirt out the shampoo, rub it quickly through your hair and then rinse it? This is such a wrong hair care routine. What you should do is wet your hair first, then put shampoo in your palm, add a little water to dilute it, and then work it through your strands. Massage the shampoo into your scalp until you get a good lather. Rinse well, and then add the conditioner. If you do not rinse the shampoo, and there is still left shampoo in your hair then the conditioner will just slide off without penetrating the strands. That won’t give any results for healthier and glossier hair.

End your shower with a cold rinse

If you haven’t tried this trick ever before, it is time to finally insert it into your hair care routine. Always do a final rinse of your hair with cold water. That will seal the cuticle. Also, this will prevent hair damage and will make your hair dye last longer. The dream of every woman dyeing her hair, isn’t it?

Don’t use dry shampoo more than twice a week

Yes, we all know that dry shampoo helps a blowout last longer as well as helps refresh your hair in the middle of the day, especially when it gets too oily. But, it also leaves product residue that irritates your scalp and causes hair to fall. Using dry shampoo can also make your hair look dry and lifeless. If you use it in your hair care routine, then we recommend you to not do it more than 2 times a week.

Apply heat protectant evenly

If your hair care routine includes the use of so many hair styling products including heat like the hair iron, then you should include heat protectants to prevent hair damage. When you curl or iron your hair, as well as when you blow dry it, you expose it to overall heat that can damage it. In order to prevent further heat hair damage, we recommend you use heat protectants. Divide your hair into sections and then spray from left to right, top to bottom. Your hair will thank you.

Apply hair oil only when you need it

If applying hair oil is part of your hair care routine, then you may know that sometimes hair oil makes your hair lose volume and look greasy. Yes, this happens when you apply too much oil. Stop doing it! Or, at least start applying hair oil the right way! Apply it in small amounts only on the hair area where needed.

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