5 Daily Lip Care Tips for Persistently Dry Lips

Our lips have some of the thinnest, most sensitive skin on our entire body, and that means they’re susceptible to developing painful conditions like becoming dry and chapped. There are a few reasons for this, but one of the main ones is the lack of oil glands on our lips, so we need to constantly make sure they’re moisturized. If we don’t, the sun and dry air can quickly cause them to become dry and painful. Thankfully, there are some things we can do to help prevent that from happening.

5 Daily Lip Care Tips for Persistently Dry Lips

Use a Good Quality Lip Balm

You might need to overlook the popular brands of lip balm to find one that will truly help you if you suffer from persistently dry lips. Knowing which ingredients you should avoid is key, too. For example, while mint might offer a relieving cooling sensation, it can also dry your lips out, so it should be avoided. Try and stick to unscented lip balms too because these perfumes or scents can also dry out the lips in the long term.

Look for unscented lip balms that contain things like petroleum or lanolin, beeswax, and ceramides, as all of these ingredients are excellent moisturizing ingredients and can greatly improve persistently dry lips.

Explore Natural Remedies

Natural ingredients offer so many benefits to our skin, and our lips can benefit from them too. Explore different natural remedies and products which can be beneficial to help ease the discomfort of persistently dry lips. Things like aloe vera and cucumber are both excellent moisturizers and hydrating agents for dry skin and lips, so including them is beneficial. You might even want to consider trying to use a smoothing lip mask formulated for dry lips.

There are some products that have strong antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties too, like coconut oil and honey, which you can include in your routines to aid in the prevention of dry lips.

Keep Well Hydrated

Getting enough liquids throughout your day is something so quickly overlooked, and often people think they are drinking far more water than they are. Build habits around drinking a good amount of water throughout every day and watch for signs of dehydration. If you feel thirsty or if your mouth is dry, drink more water!

Just Stop Smoking

The health dangers of smoking are well documented, and while many people find smoking a pleasurable past time, the harm it does to your body can’t be overstated. The lips are no different, and smoking can cause a high degree of irritation around the mouth, including drying out the lips. Sometimes, clearing up dry and cracked lips can be as easy as just giving up smoking.

Stop Biting or Picking Your Lips

This one might sound like something you don’t do, but if you consciously pay attention to how often you touch or bite your lips, you might be surprised. If you have a habit of biting your lips or pulling on them, you’re likely contributing to your persistently dry lips. This can become a perpetual issue, as the dryer your lips get, the more likely you are to pick them or lick them to keep them moist. This can just keep making the problem worse and turn into a cycle.

In short, using products that are unscented and contain sunscreen can help you every day to prevent chapped or dry lips. Stop smoking, stay hydrated, and stop touching and biting your lips. By following these short and simple steps, and applying some of the things we mentioned above, you can prevent those persistently dry and painful lips. As with many skin related things, it’s about regular and consistent maintenance and routine to keep your lips moist and healthy.

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