5 Tips on How to Get Rid of Hard Skin on Feet

Hard skin on the feet is not only uncomfortable, but it’s also not healthy since they make the soles of your feet hard. As long as you maintain soft and moistened feet you will be able to comfortably walk as well as move with ease at all times. By using simple home remedies you can get rid of the hard skin accumulated on your feet over time. Below are harmless and easy tips on how to get rid of the dry and hard skin.

5 Tips on How to Get Rid of Hard Skin on Feet

Frequently soak your feet

Most foot treatments require that you soak your feet in warm water so as to remove the excessively formed calluses on them. The moisture from the water helps you to soften the skin, making it easier to remove it during cleaning. Soak your feet in a basin containing warm water for faster removal.

You can also add other ingredients in the water, such as lemon water, honey or vinegar to make it more effective for softening of your feet and the removal of dead skin cells. Ingredients like vinegar contain acetic acid, which aids in the healing of cracked feet.

Use a pumice stone

During the cleaning of your feet ensure that you use the right products. Pumice stone is a great product to use to get rid of dead skin cells. This should be done gently after your feet have been soaked in water to prevent the process from being painful. Gently scrub your feet using the stone while feeling how the skin feels until it is soft and smooth. Avoid scrubbing your feet for too long to prevent scarring and soreness.

Apart from a pumice stone, you can use simple tools such as an electric foot hard skin remover to remove dead skin. Read more about the various tools that you can use that are efficient and effective in the removal of dry skin cells.

Use a moisturizer

Moisturizers contain enough moisture to soften the dead skin cells making it easier to get rid of any hard skin. Moisturizers can be in the form of creams or lotions. Clean your feet first before drying them and then finally apply a moisturizer rich in properties that promote the removal of dead skin.

Make use of essential oils

Essential oils are great at softening dry, hard skin. Oils such as olive oil help reduce calluses as well as treat cracked heels. The oils also contain nourishment essential to make your feet soft. Buy an essential oil and apply it on your feet. Alternatively, you can heat the oil in a pan and let it cool for some time before applying it. For it to be more effective, wear some socks to retain the moisture content and enhance the softness of the soles of your feet.

Follow a regular cleaning pattern

Having established a regular cleaning pattern, be consistent and clean your feet as often as you can to make them feel and look healthy. You can include several treatments within the week until your feet recover.

Although sometimes hard skin cannot be removed using home remedies and techniques, they often work. In case they don’t go for a medical pedicure for faster results.

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